It’s really difficult to imagine our home without carpets or area rugs. It seems like something is missing.

Do you know what’s an even harder decision? Choosing between a bamboo rug or a conventional carpet. What will it be: bamboo rug over carpet or vice versa?

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Before you make any decision, it’s essential to think about your house needs (space and design) and to do a little research on the two options.

These products are made from two completely different materials. I will discuss this later on.

Let’s focus now on the difference between carpets and area rugs.

What’s the difference between carpets and area rugs?

You may have seen carpets and area rugs used in the same context, and maybe assumed that they mean the same thing. Not quite.

They are both floor coverings, but they refer to different things.

Carpets or wall-to-wall carpets refer to a flooring cover made of fabric. These products usually cover the entire surface of the floor and are attached to it using a strong glue or tacking strips.

Area rugs are sections of covering which do not extend on the entire floor.

It’s important to understand this difference, especially when you are interested in buying one of these products. You don’t want to end up with an opposite result.

Bamboo area rugs and conventional carpets have both advantages and disadvantages. I will go through each of them to help you have a clearer idea of what your house needs.

The pros and cons of bamboo rugs

Bamboo area rugs can be a great option for your house. Here are the pros of going for these products.

Bamboo rugs are really easy to clean

Area rugs are easier to clean than carpets in general. Adding the fact that they are made of bamboo makes it even easier to do this.

All you have to do is vacuum it and maybe use some cleaning solution from time to time.

If the bamboo rug gets wet, you can easily take it outside and let it dry.

Great for those with allergies

In our bamboo rug over carpet comparison, the rug definitely wins when speaking about allergies.

A carpet’s fibers can retain different germs and bacteria. They can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, coughing or even breathing problems.

The bamboo material is known for having anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

You can easily change the design of your room

If you like to reinvent yourself or you’re really into home decorations, you may want to choose bamboo rugs.

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They can easily adapt to new interior design changes.

They are eco-friendly for your home

Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials.

By going for bamboo products, you also take care of the environment.

In order to make a smart decision, you need to know both sides of the story. Here are the cons for bamboo rugs.

May be slippery

Area rugs may be slippery, especially on freshly clean flooring.

You need to be careful about how you step and make sure you don’t slip.

Do not provide a unified look

If we compare wall-to-wall carpets to bamboo rugs to see which one offers a more unified look (to a room), the carpets will definitely win.

This can be a matter of taste. Yet, bamboo rugs may give you the impression of a room divided into multiple sections.

Not ideal if you want to walk barefoot

If you like the sensation of walking barefoot in your home, rugs are not the best option for you.

You will have uncovered areas of the flooring which will make your feet cold.

The pros and cons of carpets

Moving on to our next competitor in the bamboo rug over carpet competition, it’s to time to discuss the advantages of carpets.

Provides a unified look

Again, this may be a matter of taste.

Wall-to-wall carpets can give a unified look to a room.

You can walk barefoot all day

Do you know that feeling you have when you step barefoot on carpet fibers?

It’s quite hard to forget and to replace.

Carpets are ideal if you have this habit.

It’s also great if you have young children. You don’t need to worry that they crawl or walk barefoot on cold floor areas.

Carpets have some cons, as well.

Carpets are difficult and expensive to clean

We’ve mentioned earlier that wall-to-wall carpets are attached to the floor using glue or tacking strips.

This means you need to clean them in your home.

Conventional cleaning using a carpet cleaning solution and water means the carpet will need a lot of time to dry. They can retain humidity and give you the impression you are in a room with steam.

Dry cleaning can be expensive, but it can save you from the humidity part.

Wall-to-wall carpets may get worn in certain areas

You will walk on certain parts of the carpet more often. This means they will get worn.

You may have to change that section when this happens which can translate into additional maintenance costs.

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Also, your unified carpet look will transform into a patched look.

Not recommended for people with allergies

Carpet fibers can be the perfect place for bacteria to live.

If you or your loved ones have allergy problems, you may want to stay away from carpets to avoid unpleasant reactions.

Bamboo rug over carpet: what should you choose?

Now that we’ve discussed the characteristics of each product, here are a few aspects you should also consider when choosing your floor covering.

First of all, think of your health needs. If you have allergies or you want to create the perfect environment for everyone, you may want to look into bamboo rugs.

Children are another thing to take into consideration. You want to create a safe comfortable environment for them to develop.

Last but not least, think of how often you like to change your home design. You want to experiment with new decorations and like to rearrange things? Choose a floor covering which gives you this flexibility.

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Bamboo Rug Over Carpet: What’s More Eco-Friendly For Your Home?
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