Did you know 68 million trees are cut every year for the production of paper and paper products only in the US?

Imagine what happens in the entire world. In order to cover the full paper request, more trees need to be cut.

There is another option to cover this need. Recycling paper and other materials can contribute to reducing the number of cut trees.

Also, a great number of products are made of recycled materials. Notebooks made from recycled materials are an example.

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Recycled products can have a huge impact on the paper industry and on the environment. It’s a green solution which gives us the products we need and takes care of nature at the same time.

In order for you to understand the importance of recycling, here are a few statistics about the paper industry.

Paper production statistics: how much do you know?

We use paper almost every day. Just think about it.

When you go to school, you usually take notes in your notebook or on sheets of paper.

In the office, you use paper to write reports.

When you go shopping, you will receive a receipt made of paper.

We’re basically surrounded by paper products. In fact, our usage of paper products has grown by 126% in the past 20 years, from 92 to 208 million tons.

In 2014, 407.5 million tons of paper were consumed in the entire world.

The world’s biggest paper production countries are:

  • China
  • USA
  • Japan

These 3 countries produce half of the world’s paper.

The countries which lead in importing and exporting paper are Germany and the US.

Going even more into detail, the population of the US represents 5% of the world’s population. However, Americans consume more than 30% of the paper produced globally.

Paper still beats technology

We live in a world where technology leads. New developments are made every day.

Yet paper still plays a crucial role for businesses.

Did you know that if paper-based records were completely destroyed,  more than 70% of nowadays’ businesses would fail in approximately 3 weeks?

It’s a shocking number, considering how companies are constantly trying to stay updated with technology and the latest trends.

The effects of paper production and consumption on the environment

The paper and pulp industry has great effects on the environment as well.

This industry is the third biggest polluter to the soil, air, and water, in Canada and the US. It affects the vegetation and the wildlife.

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Also, it occupies the fifth place as the largest energy consumer.

If you’re wondering how the paper industry affects the forests, let’s just say that if the current deforestation rates remain the same, it will take less than 100 years for all the rainforests to be gone.

This will lead to the destruction of different plants and the loss natural habitats for several species of animals.

The loss of forests leads to the increase in greenhouse emissions as well.

The benefits of using notebooks made from recycled materials

Notebooks are one of the most popular paper products.

Students use them in school, you can find them in offices and you most likely have one in your home.

What’s important here is what type of notebook you have: a conventional one or a notebook made from recycled materials.

You may have heard of these recycled products, but you may have never bought one. This is why you are a bit skeptical.

I’ve put together a few benefits you have when choosing notebooks made from recycled materials. They will help you have a more clear idea.

They reuse old materials to make new products

Do you know what happens with paper and other materials which are not recycled and just thrown away?

They end up in huge dump yards or even in the environment.

Why cut beautiful trees when you have so much good material?

Recycled notebooks use these materials. New products are born and nature is protected.

Recycled notebooks are a life savior of the environment

It takes tens or hundreds of years for a tree to reach full maturity.

Do you know those big trees you admire when you look up? Those that seem so tall they can reach the sky?

It’s taken very long for them to get to this level.

Cutting them down is not a smart move.

Notebooks made from recycled materials are saving many trees and preventing deforestation.

They are great quality products

You may be wondering about the quality of notebooks made from recycled materials, especially if you haven’t bought one yet.

These are quality products which allow you to use them exactly how you want.

Their appearance may differ from the conventional ones, but that depends from one product to another.

Notebooks made from recycled materials products

Notebooks Made From Recycled Materials To Protect Trees And Forests