Home cleaning can be a dirty business sometimes, especially when speaking about certain parts of our house. The bathroom may be one of the first places you’re thinking of.

What’s more, besides thinking of what it means to clean the bathroom, it’s crucial to pay attention to the products you’re using. What we throw down the drain can have a major impact on our health and the environment. This includes floor, bathroom and toilet cleaners. In fact, toilet cleaners have one of the most powerful effects on nature.

The chemicals used in these products have been linked to causing damages to our health and to what surrounds us. In this case, looking for alternative products is a way of making a change. Eco-friendly toilet cleaner products are an option you can go for.

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As opposed to regular products, they are created to do a great job while not affecting the environment and our health.

In order to understand better the difference between regular eco-friendly toilet cleaners, let’s look at the composition.

Regular toilet cleaners chemicals

Toilet cleaners often contain harsh chemicals which clean the toilet, but also have some powerful side effects.

Hydrochloric acid is commonly found in these types of products. This is a corrosive chemical which can cause irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Inhaling the vapors of it can affect both people and animals (pets, for example).

It is recommended to use gloves when cleaning with products which contain hydrochloric acid. Also, it’s essential not to spend too much time around it, so as not to inhale it.

Chlorine bleach is another chemical found in toilet cleaners. This one is also responsible for causing eye, skin, nose and respiratory problems. It’s a caustic chemical, which means it burns what it meets in its way. What’s more, it can have severe effects in the long run on the respiratory system, especially on those suffering from asthma.

Using products which contain chlorine bleach means it will be released in waters (rivers, seas, oceans). This is a really resistant chemical. Even if we’re speaking of small quantities, it can still be found in water after long periods of time.

Sulfates are a chemical you may have heard of before. They are found in different products, including toilet cleaners. These ingredients are responsible for skin and eye irritations.

Other chemicals which can cause skin, eyes and respiratory irritations are:

  • sodium hydroxide
  • phosphoric acid
  • triclosan
  • chlorinated phenols
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Eco-friendly toilet cleaner: benefits and general recommendations

Keeping your toilet clean is a monumental aspect and it’s essential to do it in a green way. An eco-friendly toilet cleaner is a great solution in this situation. They are the combination of a product which takes care of nature and offers you the results you want.

Because they are eco-friendly, they are made of plant-based ingredients such as orange oil. Depending on the company you are buying from, these products can be all natural or organic.

It’s essential, especially if you are searching for organic toilet cleaners, to check and see if they are certified. Look at the package, the company’s website or contact them in order to make sure they use what they claim.

Bonus toilet cleaning tip

If you run out of eco-friendly toilet cleaner, vinegar and baking soda two great cleaning products. They destroy the bacteria and clean your toilet, without leaving an unpleasant strong smell behind.

You can use baking soda to scrub the toilet, as it can deodorize it and eliminate stains. Vinegar is great as it is acid and makes it ideal for fighting bacteria.

What you need to know is that these ingredients are not as powerful as toilet cleaners.

Eco-friendly toilet cleaner product recommendations

Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaner To Keep Your Toilet Green and Fresh