Have you ever head of a bamboo towel? You may have come across this product name and maybe wondered what are bamboo towels.

The only difference between these products and other towels, such as cotton ones, is the material used.

It may not seem big, but this difference plays an important role in the quality and eco-friendly level of the towels.

But aren’t cotton towels eco-friendly as well? Indeed they are, but we need to see which one is a more green option. We will discuss this later on.

Let’s focus now on explaining what bamboo towels are.

What are bamboo towels?

Bamboo towels are towels made of bamboo fibers. This is the simplest answer to our question.

Besides this information, what’s essential to know is the fact that there are different categories of bamboo towels.

Firstly, let’s focus on their composition. Some may contain 100% bamboo fiber. These are the ones you should look for.

Bamboo can also be blended with other fibers such as cotton.

The other category is related to their purpose. You can choose from:

  • kitchen towels
  • bath towels
  • hand towels
  • washcloth

There is quite a wide variety to choose from for the entire house.

The differences between bamboo and cotton towels

Bamboo and cotton are both natural fibers. How can you choose between them?

In order to find out the answer, you need to understand the materials a little better.

Bamboo for towel production

Bamboo is a type of grass used to produce different household products. From bamboo kitchen utensils, bamboo cutting boards, bamboo bowls, to bamboo toothbrushes, keyboards and sunglasses.

The reason why it has become such a popular material is because it is really eco-friendly and sustainable.

Did you know bamboo can grow approximately 100 cm in 24 hours? It does not require special care from us. It does its job pretty good.

It can be easily recycled and some products are biodegradable or even compostable.

Choosing bamboo products satisfies your needs and takes care of the environment.

Cotton for towel production

Cotton is another natural material, with great benefits for you and the environment.

Cotton fibers are an excellent alternative to synthetic ones made of plastic.

You can find towels made of two types of cotton fibers:

  • conventional
  • organic

There can be big differences between these fibers in terms of how they are treated, planted and harvested.

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Conventional cotton is usually treated with pesticides, fungicides and insecticides. This process starts with treating the seeds with chemicals and continues until the plant is mature and ready to be harvested.

The soil may be treated with fertilizers.

Also, for weed control, different chemicals and herbicides are being used.

When speaking of organic cotton, things change a little. In this case, chemicals such as insecticides, fertilizers and herbicides may not be used (or used in very low quantities).

Farmers let cotton grow a little more natural. They physically remove weeds, do not treat seeds, and make sure they have beneficial insects that remove pests.

Organic cotton towels may be a little expensive because they require a little more care than conventional cotton.

You also need to make sure you are buying a 100% organic cotton towel, and not just a catchy label. You will have to check the product and company information on the organic topic.

Both organic cotton and bamboo towels are an eco-friendly option, but the bamboo one is our first choice.

The benefits of using bamboo towels

Using bamboo towels can have a lot of great benefits for you.

They can absorb up to 4 times more water than cotton towels

Bamboo towels are known for being really absorbent.

In fact, they can absorb up to 4 times more water than cotton towels.

This is a great advantage for both bath and kitchen towels.

Although they may take longer to dry, it’s a definite benefit for you.

Bamboo towels have anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties

Bamboo is a material with great anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

It’s a characteristic the material possesses and it is not added through chemicals and other processes.

They have a nice texture

Bamboo towels are really soft, so they make excellent bath products.

You may want to look at them if you have sensitive skin or young children.

They are eco-friendly

This is one of the great reasons why bamboo is so popular.

It’s an eco-friendly material, a great source for different products and an amazing way to protect the environment.

How to clean bamboo towels

You may be wondering about the cleaning process, especially if you have white bamboo towels.

Well, bamboo does not require special care or special cleaning products, but there are a few things you should know.

Here are a few tips on cleaning your bamboo towel.

  • Use the delicate clothes program when you put it in the washing machine
  • Do not use bleach on bamboo towels
  • Try to avoid fabric softeners; they may reduce its absorbency
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What Are Bamboo Towels And How Eco-Friendly Are They?