Do you know what is a 5-star energy fridge

No, it does not stand for a luxury appliance. It’s different from a 5-star hotel.

The 5-star attribute refers to how energy-efficient the fridge is.


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An energy-saving refrigerator can be a great option for your home because of several reasons:

  • it consumes energy responsibly
  • it can help you reduce energy bills

Having a 5-star energy fridge can have some great benefits for you.

Benefits of having a 5-star energy fridge

Uses energy efficiently

A 5-star energy fridge uses energy more efficiently than a conventional one.

The purpose of these appliances is to spend the minimum amount of energy to do their job while still offering excellent results.

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Helps you save money

In the US, a house consumes, on average, energy worth $5,550/year.

This is how much energy bills cost (they include appliances and other household consumers such as light bulbs).

Going for energy-efficient appliances can help you save up to 30% on electricity bills.

An energy-saving refrigerator is about 9% more efficient (in terms of energy) than a fridge which fits the standards of minimum energy efficiency.

It’s beneficial to the environment

Energy-efficient appliances are great not only for your home, but also for the environment.

A 5-star energy fridge can consume less energy, contributing to big effects like:

  • reducing the exploitation of natural resources
  • reducing pollution

Of course, these effects happen in time and at a certain level. One 5-star energy fridge will not save the world from pollution, but it can have an impact.

Energy-saving appliances require less energy, meaning fewer natural resources will be used to produce new energy.

Energy production is also a factor for pollution. Less energy produced may also lead to reducing pollution.

What you need to know about a 5-star energy fridge

If you are thinking of buying a new refrigerator, particularly an energy-efficient one, it’s essential you understand a few aspects.

It’s just like knowing more about a hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner when you have allergy problems.

In this case, knowing what a 5-star energy fridge does is a crucial aspect.

What does it mean to be a 5-star energy fridge?

As I’ve briefly mentioned above, the 5-star characteristic stands for energy efficiency of the refrigerator.

The number of stars defines the energy efficiency the appliance has. The more stars, the higher efficiency.

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You will find refrigerators rated between 1 and 5 stars.

These stars are awarded taking into consideration certain characteristics.

Let’s take the compressors.

Conventional refrigerators have compressors which use a one-speed motor. They either function or they don’t.

The problem with them is they function at high speed all the time. This speed was designed for high temperatures during hot periods.

Imagine that the fridge works at the same speed during summer and winter.

High-efficiency refrigerators have a compressor with inverter technology. This one uses a motor with variable speeds.

This means that the motor uses different speeds depending on the outside conditions.

During summer, it works at a high peak, while during winter, it switches to a lower speed.

Even when the inside temperature stabilizes, the compressor does not switch off and continues to work at the minimum speed.

What about the costs?

The price of energy-efficient and energy-saving appliances can be a little higher, compared to the price of conventional products.

When seeing these numbers, you should have one thing in your mind: this is an investment.

You spend a larger amount of money in the beginning and you collect the benefits later.

The benefits consist of a more responsible use of energy and smaller electricity bills.

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5-Star Energy Fridge – What You Need To Know About It