Which one does the dishes better: a high-efficiency dishwasher or your hands?

Basically, this is a comparison between your hands and a machine which was manufactured to do this task over and over again.

Of course, it depends on how much water, detergent, and energy it uses.

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This is when the term high-efficiency comes into discussion. These appliances are designed to consume less energy and water, while still delivering excellent results.

Similar products are long life energy-saving light bulbs.

I’ll go into more detail regarding the comparison between hand wash and a dishwasher’s performance later.

Right now, let’s look at the benefits of having a high-efficiency dishwasher.

Benefits of using a high-efficiency dishwasher

Efficient use of energy and water

Dishwashers can be fit in two big categories (in terms of energy and water usage):

  • conventional
  • high-efficiency

High-efficiency dishwashers are created to consume resources responsibly and efficiently.

Conventional dishwashers use between 6 and 10 gallons of water per cleaning cycle. That’s between 22 and 38 litres of water.

A high-efficiency dishwasher uses around 4 gallons of water (15 litres of water).

Best energy star dishwasher 

When looking for high-efficiency dishwashers, you may come across the term energy star.

This is a label attributed to energy-efficient products. These items consume energy and other resources responsibly, helping consumers to save up on bills.

This label is part of a government-backed program with the same name. The purpose of this program and label is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other polluting sources that the inefficient use of energy causes.

No dish soap chemicals on your skin dish soap

Hand washing the dishes means there is a great chance you will get dish soap on your skin. You can wear cleaning gloves, but let’s say you forgot to buy new ones or you find it difficult to do the dishes with them on your hands.

Conventional dish soaps contain chemicals which can cause irritations and allergic reactions. They may make your skin dry in time.

Having a high-efficiency dishwasher will not only clean your dishes, but also protect your hands.

If you’re interested in this topic, check out green dish soap.

No more “doing the dishes” chores

For some people, doing the dishes can be a relaxing activity. Others consider it an awful chore and would do almost anything to not do it.

A high-efficiency dishwasher can take this pressure off your shoulders.

Just think of the meals that require much oil, to be fried or that become really crusty. The dishes that go through these processes also require a lot of soap and warm/hot water.

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Conventional vs High-efficiency dishwasher

Energy usage

The term high-efficiency is strongly related to the energy-saving characteristic.

These products use energy more responsibly without sacrificing the quality of the results.

High-efficiency dishwashers are usually 24-inches wide, meaning they fit many dishes inside.

They have different programs which you can use depending on your needs.

You may want a shorter program for a few plates and utensils. Or you just want to refresh your glasses.

Water usage

You’ve seen the numbers earlier.

A high-efficiency dishwasher consumes less than a conventional one.

When speaking of conventional models, it’s essential to know these are usually older models.

Newer versions have been designed to be more spacious and use resources efficiently.

Hand wash vs High-efficiency dishwasher

Which one cleans the dishes better?

If you happen to forget the dishes or an accident happens and you burn the food, you will probably end up with some really strong stains.

In order to remove them by hand wash, you need to rub a lot on those stains.

A high-efficiency may have a special program for these situations. You may also have the option to set a higher temperature for them.

Which one uses water more efficiently?

As I’ve said it before, a high-efficiency dishwasher comes with different program cycles, just like best energy rating washing machine.

These programs have different time lengths and use water at different temperatures.

In other words, these appliances have more control over the resources they use.

Hand wash offers you some kind of the water and the dish soap you use, but it can be difficult to use the exact quantity every time you do the dishes.

In this case, a dishwasher uses water more efficiently.

Detergent type and usage

The dish soap you use for hand washing the dishes differs from the detergent you use in the dishwasher.

You need a special detergent when buying a high-efficiency dishwasher.

Dishwasher detergents are usually stronger than common dish soaps. They can do a better job in removing food stains (think of burnt food).

The two of them should not be switched. Don’t try cleaning the dishes with dishwasher detergent using your bare hands.

As these products are strong, they can cause bad skin irritations.

High-efficiency dishwasher products

High-Efficiency Dishwasher – Get Sparkling Dishes Efficiently