We’ve seen various products made from wood: from dinnerware, kitchen tools, home accessories, musical instruments, to entire houses and buildings. What these items have in common is that most of them are household ones. Wood is also used for the creation of some unusual products such as a wooden phone case.

You may wonder what a wooden phone case is. It’s exactly like a normal phone case, the only difference is that its made from wood. Bamboo phone cases are more often encountered, as this a greatly used material. It may sound a little unusual, but these products are a great accessory for your smartphone. They have a unique look and are, of course, eco-friendly.

Why you should choose a wooden phone case

A wooden phone case has several benefits for you and your smartphone. Let’s take a look at some of the most important advantages.

Stand out from the crowd

Phone cases are not just a way of protecting your device, they are an accessory which can contribute to creating your own style. There are different models of cases: some are made from plastic, some from silicone and others are even filled with liquid and glitter. The point is each of these tries to stand out from the crowd.

Wooden phone cases definitely fit in this category. They have a unique look and can make your phone look special.

Offer great protection

Wood is a resistant material. This means you don’t have to worry about┬ádamaging your phone if you drop it. The case offers great protection for different scenarios. When you’re out with friends, riding your bike or simply doing house chores, the product offers the protection you need. This means no scratches on the back or the screen of the phone, no broken edges or damaged functions (camera, buttons).

Adapted to your phone

When looking for a phone case, you want one that will completely suit your device. This includes having the right size and adapted to allow you to completely use its functions: volume button, headphone, and battery charging jack.

The wooden phone case is perfectly adapted for your phone. The products are created to suit different models of phones and try to offer diversity for phone users.

Have beautiful unique designs

The design is an important aspect of a phone case. They personalize your device and can even change the way it looks. Think of the bunny cases, for example. They actually had bunny ears and made smartphones look completely different.

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Wooden phone cases have different models carved on them. Flowers, cartoon characters, national flags and funny messages are just a few examples. Now think of this. A message carved on a wooden product looks incredibly attractive and beautiful. Who wouldn’t want that?

Why wooden phone cases are eco-friendly

Besides having a beautiful design and being unique, wooden phone cases are eco-friendly. They are made from wood, a renewable natural resource and because smartphones are not very big, there is no need for large quantities to create these products.

What’s more, producers do not have to use only certain types of wood such as oak or African blackwood. Bamboo is a common and excellent material for phone cases. It also grows back really fast without any human intervention. This means that production of phone cases does not affect or damage the natural habitat of wild animals.

Wooden phone cases can be easily recycled. This way, they contribute to maintaining a healthy clean environment.

Wooden phone cases are an excellent accessory for your smartphone. Not only do they have a beautiful deign, they are also eco-friendly and can have a positive impact on the environment.

Wooden Phone Case And Why You Want One For Your Smartphone