When snowflakes start falling and the cold wind is blowing, one thing is for sure. Winter has come and it is spreading over countries and territories. This is the season in which people concentrate on ‘surviving’. Like the little ant prepares itself for winter the entire summer, people do the same. However, it is important to be careful on what we eat because although, we do not have any  fresh fruits and vegetables in our gardens anymore, we still need to have balanced meals.

Main course recommendations

Due to the low temperatures, people can eat food which is rich in calories, but this does not have to be their main course all the time. Of course, in this period, they prefer to eat more meat and it is necessary to include it in our weekly diet because it is a great source of proteins and energy. Furthermore, when it comes to side dishes, we cannot ignore the vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, spinach, corn, peas are excellent ideas for the meat’s companion. Boiled, cooked, mixed with rice or pasta, they will constitute good choices for different meals.


Desserts are a real challenge during winter. People can choose the jam that they have prepared in summer and autumn. They can be eaten on a slice of bread or can be transformed into delicious pies. If we want fruits, bananas and oranges are two wonderful options. They are a great source of vitamins and nutrients which will satisfy your appetite for fresh fruits.

Winter is a season in which people need to eat food that will give them more energy. Because of the low temperatures, they consume more energy than usual, so the meals should be adapted to their needs. Also, remember the you should eat well-balanced meals and not exaggerate with any type of food.

Winter: What You Should Eat
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