Home is where you feel welcomed and safe. Some say home is more than a place, it’s a feeling. It’s the perfect combination between a wonderful atmosphere, love and safeness.

Love and the pleasant atmosphere are given by people. Safety comes from the products you use to keep it clean, fresh and beautiful. You want home cleaning products which offer you great results: clean perfectly, kill bacteria and have a nice smell. There is one more detail you need to pay attention to: their ingredients.

Regular vs Eco-friendly cleaning products

Mainly, there are two types of home cleaning products: regular and environmentally friendly ones. If you ever looked on the ingredient list of a regular cleaning product, you may have seen a few names hard to read, pronounce and understand. Phthalates, triclosan and chlorine are a few examples. To understand them a little more, let’s look at some details about each of them.

  • Phthalates – Used in products with fragrances such as fresheners and dish soap. Can interfere with endocrine (hormone) systems and can lead to disorders in development, cancerous tumors and affect internal organs.
  • Triclosan – Used in liquid diswhasing products and antibacterial soaps. Can lead to the development of bacteria and microbes resistant to drugs.
  • Chlorine – Used in laundry whiteners, scrubbing powders and toilet bowl cleaning products. Can cause acute respiratory irritations.

And the list can go on. The chemicals used in these products that make your home look shiny and smell nice may come with a long list of side effects. Besides your health, regular cleaning products can also affect the environment. As you clean your house, you probably throw in the toilet or rinse in your sink products you use. Those which contain nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia can have a negative impact on water, as they contaminate it. You may think you don’t throw away a large quantity, but consider that millions of people are doing the same thing as you do. This is when it becomes a problem.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are the alternative you can easily pick. They are made of ingredients which are not harmful for your health and the environment. They do not contain antibacterial substances or ingredients that can cause asthma. Also, eco-friendly cleaning products:

  • do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals
  • can degrade fast
  • are not so dangerous (as regular ones) for aquatic flora and fauna

Going for green cleaning products is a move which can protect your health and the environment. Here are 4 suggestions of different products you can choose to use in your home.

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1. Laundry detergent

 ECOS Liquid Laundry Detergent

Clothes and other laundry are an important aspect in each home. A good detergent is one which removes all the stains, maintains their colors and makes them smell like a blossoming flower garden. These are the qualities you are looking for in a good product.

Our suggestion from Ecos fulfills these requirements and protects the environment at the same time. With plant based ingredients and containing no chlorine and ammonia, it’s a safe cleaning product for you.

2. Dishwashing liquid

ECOS Dishmate Dish Liquid

Dishes are an essential element in the kitchen. You want to serve your food in clean and shiny ones. They are the key for a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Earth Friendly Products dishwashing liquid can be your little help. It can help you with those nasty dishes and keep your reputation. Made from natural ingredients such as grapefruit and plant extracts, the product can protect your hands and leave your dishes sparkling.

3. Hand soap

Soap & Water Apricot & Vanilla Aromatherapy Natural Bar Soap

Soap is one of the products you need to pay attention to. As you use it daily and it comes in direct contact with your skin, you need one which protects your hands.

Our suggestion from Soap & Water will take care of your hands in the most delicate and natural way possible. Its organic ingredients will protect your skin, leaving it soft and beautiful.

4. Odor spray

Earth Friendly Products Eco Breeze

Nothing compares with a fresh smell after you finish cleaning. A delicate scent in the air can totally change the atmosphere in a room.

You can go for the odor control spray from Earth Friendly Products. Its lavender pure essential oils can transform your home with a divine perfume.

Making your home a clean and safe place is a long-term process. Going for eco-friendly cleaning products is a great way of cleaning your house, protecting your health and taking care of the environment.

Why Your Home Needs Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products