Daily, people use objects that are made of different materials: paper, plastic, glass, wood, metal etc. Most of them cannot be used more than once and therefore, people throw them away when they are done with them. What happens with them after they are in the garbage bin? Well, it depends if they are in the right bin or not. If they are not, they will be thrown in a huge landfill where they will remain until they disintegrate and disappear. If they are in the right bin, they will be recycled and reused for the creation of other products.

The importance of recycling

Recycling is a process that is made to protect and save the environment and to make people understand that it cannot be done without their involvement. Campaigns are created to raise awareness that nature needs our help and to encourage people to adopt it as a part of their lifestyle. The consequences of ignoring the importance of recycling are huge. For instance, look at these numbers: the average degradation time for a chewing gum is 5 years, for paper tissues 3 months, for a milk carton 1 year, for an aluminium can 10-100 years and for a plastic bottle or bad 100-1000 years. Imagine that the plastic bag you threw away yesterday will remain on this planet just as much as some trees lived.

Furthermore, because products are not recycled, new material has to be produced in order to create new products. For paper, trees need to be cut. Thus, the world is confronting with deforestation which has devastating effects. The natural habitat of several animals is destroyed, plants are affected and we have few places with clean and fresh air.

What can people do?

What people should do is sort their garbage. In this way, they can recycle everything that they use. The next step is start buying products made of recycling materials. We have made a list of suggestions that you can take into consideration.

1. Recycling trash bags

hefty recycling trash bags  hefty recycling trash bags

2. Recycling grocery bags

Grab Bag Reusable Grocery Bag

3. Energy-efficient bulbs

GE Energy-Efficient Bulbs

4. Eco-friendly kitchen towels

Ecotwl kitchen towel

5. Recycled toilet paper

SCOTT Recycled Toilet Paper

6. Recycled napkins

Seventh Generation Recycled Napkins

7. Ecological toothbrush

WowE LifeStyle Ecological Toothbrush

Recycling is the most efficient way in which we can save the environment. We have to understand that ignoring it will lead to the degradation and destruction of our planet. This is why recycling has to become a part of our lifestyle!

Why Recycling Needs To Become Part Of Your Lifestyle
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