Technology is advancing every day at a really fast pace. We see new gadgets appearing and new discoveries being made.

What we don’t see really often is technology mixing up with nature. This doesn’t happen daily, but when it does, we obtain amazing products such as a bamboo keyboard and a bamboo mouse.

Bamboo Keyboards And Bamboo Mice Products

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Let’s take a look at each one.

Bamboo keyboard

Who would have thought that a simple piece of grass could become a tech product? Yes, bamboo is a grass and you can find out other interesting curiosities about it right here.

Going back to out keyboard, the product has a unique look. The material changes completely the way it looks and makes it stand out of the crowd. Also, the keyboard is compatible with different devices (PC, laptop) and operating systems.

Bamboo mouse

Apparently, when we combine nature and technology, we obtain a new mouse species.

The normal computer mouse was re-designed using a different material (bamboo, instead of plastic). The product has the same features as other similar items, as it can be wired or wireless and it’s generally compatible with different operating systems.

Benefits of using a bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse

Having a bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse will not only allow you to do your job properly, but it will also bring some extra benefits. These products come with some additional advantages that make it worth to try them out.

Eco-friendly material

A common keyboard and mouse are usually made of plastic. This material has several effects on the environment. Plastic is usually made from petroleum and natural gas. These are non-renewable resources and their extraction requires great energy-consuming processes. Also, it can damage flora and natural habitats of different animals.

Plastic production, as well as its destruction, contributes to air, water, and soil pollution. Toxic chemicals, even carcinogen ones, are released and they can affect not only plants and animals, but also our health.

The new keyboards and mice are made of bamboo, an eco-friendly material. It’s biodegradable and its processing does not require environmental-damaging processes.

High resistance

Besides being eco-friendly, bamboo is also a very resistant material. It can last up to 30 years. Depending on the product we are referring, this period of time may differ, as we need to take into consideration several factors such as:

  • the processes of creating that product
  • how much it is used during a day
  • the care provided to the product
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Plastic can be more sensitive, especially when speaking of objects which have been dropped.

Maintains its temperature

When used for a longer period of time, plastic keyboards and mice may overheat. This can make it unpleasant to use them, especially during summer.

Bamboo manages to remain at a pleasant rather cool temperature. This can allow you to do your work properly without feeling any discomfort.

Unique design

We have to admit it, these bamboo tech products have a unique design. The material makes them look totally different from other keyboards and mice. Imagine how a bamboo keyboard looks in an office full of plastic keyboards. It definitely stands out of the crowd! If you are looking for a unique and different product, these can represent great options.

How to choose a quality bamboo keyboard & mouse combo

If you like these products and are thinking to actually buy a bamboo keyboard & mouse combo, here are a few things you need to know before doing it. First of all, pay attention to the material, especially if you are looking for organic bamboo products. These need to be certified by a certain authority in order to wear this label. Don’t be misled by high prices and catchy titles.

Secondly, go in showrooms or offline stores to try them at first. Because they are made of bamboo, these tech products can feel different when using them. It’s common sense that writing on a bamboo keyboard can feel totally different than writing on a plastic one. The important aspect here is that you like it and feel comfortable doing it.

Also, some of the keyboards and mice are hand carved. This means they can have certain imperfections, as letters, numbers, and symbols may not be as symmetrical as in the plastic ones. This is why you should take a look and test them before buying, to make sure they are appropriate for you.

Why Bamboo Keyboards And Bamboo Mice Are The Eco-Friendly Gadgets Of Today