The bed is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s where you spend between 7 and 9 hours during the night, where you sleep and regain all your strengths. In fact, poor or lack of sleep can have a great negative impact on your health and life in general. This is why it’s crucial to pay much attention when you are choosing your bed. All the elements play essential roles. You need the right mattress, bedding and bed frame. If you are looking for having the best bed, an eco-friendly bed frame is the element to start with.

The bed frame is the basis of the entire bed. It’s the piece which literally holds everything: the mattress, the bedding, and your body. This means it needs to be strong and stable to keep you in the right position when sleeping.

An eco-friendly bed frame can help you have a healthy sleep and also contributes to the protection of the environment. In order to understand these aspects better, let’s look more closely at each one.

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Why an eco-friendly bed frame is good for your sleep

It offers great support. Eco-friendly bed frames offer great stability for the mattress and your body. This gives you a feeling of safety when you lie in your bed. You know you can sleep in the way you feel comfortable and which helps you regain all your strengths. A good night sleep is what your body needs, especially after a long hard day.

What’s more, the fact that it keeps your mattress in a lean position also helps you have a healthy sleep. Having the right body position prevents you from waking up with back or neck pain.

Why an eco-friendly bed frame is a green option

Uses eco-friendly or organic materials

Eco-friendly bed frames are generally made of solid wood, but this depends on the company you’re buying from. In plus, not every seller offers organic wood bed frames. This is why it’s absolutely necessary to pay attention to the product you want to buy.

When buying an eco-friendly bed frame, you need to look for them to be PEFC/FSC certified. PEFC stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and FSC for Forest European Council. These two organizations ensure there is a responsible forest management. Also, if you are looking for products made of organic wood, make sure they are also certified.

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It’s non-toxic

Eco-friendly bed frames are made using no harsh chemicals. They are finished with organic oils or beeswax. This gives them that shiny stylish look and also protects and makes them resistant.

These eco-friendly products offer a sleeping option which can bring you closer to nature. Think of this. For many years, we people have slept on beds (or improvisations) made of natural materials. Synthetic and artificial materials have been around only since the 20th century.


The structure of the bed frame and its wooden slats allow your mattress to breathe.  This is a crucial aspect for both your sleep and your mattress. Allowing it to breathe maintains your mattress in a good condition, which offers you a healthy sleep.

What’s more, its structure makes the eco-friendly bed frame easy to clean. You just lift your mattress up, clean it and it’s good as new.

We also discussed the differences between natural latex and memory foam mattresses and how each one of them can influence your sleep and health. Take a look and see which type of mattress is suitable for you.

Why An Eco-Friendly Bed Frame Is A Green And Healthy Option For Your Sleep