People tend to do many thing while they are eating: watch TV, read, check their emails etc. They believe that are multitasking and that doing several things at the same time is a piece of cake. In fact, they do not realize that what they are doing is not multitasking, but putting the organism in an unpleasant situation by not allowing it to focus on just one thing. Moreover, not paying attention to your meals can create serious disorders to your body.

The effects of not eating properly

Let’s take the example of watching TV while eating. What happens when you are doing these two things at the same time? First of all, you are not paying attention to the way you chew your food. Most of the time, people chew it less then it is necessary and big pieces of food end up in your stomach. Thus, you can have some awful stomachaches even though you ate your favorite meal. Secondly, you might eat too much or too little because you are not looking in the plate, but at a colorful screen.

Furthermore, if you are walking or doing any kind of movement, you are not allowing your body to do its job properly. You should be relaxed and enjoy your meals, not rushing through the city and not feeling the taste of your food. Also, not making time for your meals means that you will not be eating the proper food. Indeed, it is hard to eat a soup on the bus, but it is even harder to get the nutrients you need from sandwiches or fast food.

We live in a crowded world where people have jobs that make them wake up in the morning and come home late at night. Therefore, it is difficult to have a fix schedule. Difficult, but not impossible. Your health is the most important thing in your life and you should make it your number one priority. Eating at regular hours, paying attention to your meals, these are the key elements for a healthy lifestyle.

What You Should Not Do While Eating
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