Sea salts are a common product you find in many stores. If you had to choose between refined and unrefined Celtic sea salt, what would you pick?


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Some may ask what’s the difference, others may guess it.

Refined salts are processed, while unrefined salts are raw and unprocessed.

This is a crucial aspect because it tells you which product has the most minerals. Raw products go through fewer or even no refining processes, so they may have more minerals than refined products.

Take the best sea sponge for bathing as an example.

Some of these minerals are essential for your health and are probably a big reason why you use this product.

Before I go into any detail about unrefined Celtic sea salt, it’s essential to know the difference between refined and unrefined.

What’s the difference between refined and unrefined?

Refined salt is a product which goes through different cleaning and treating processes.

Salt is usually harvested as brine. This is a concentrated combination of water and salt. The water evaporates and the salt which remains is used.

This is the simple way of explaining the process.

Brine is also treated with substances and chemicals to remove impurities. Minerals are often considered impurities.

Besides this, the salt is bleached (with chlorine) to give the white color you know.

Unrefined salt does not go through all the processes. The purpose for this is to keep as many minerals in it as possible.

While refined salt may be a simple combination of sodium and chloride, unrefined salt is rich in minerals such as:

  • sulfur
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • iron

Unrefined Celtic sea salt benefits

This type of salt is harvested in Brittany, France, from the Atlantic seawater. The Celtic method of harvesting has a crucial role in maintaining the salt in its natural state.

Using unrefined Celtic sea salt can have some great benefits for your health.

This type of salt contains several minerals which help your body and your mind.

It increases your energy

Fatigue and the moments when you lack energy are often caused by sodium and trace minerals deficiencies (iron, manganese, zinc, iodine, copper).

Consuming unrefined Celtic sea salt regularly can prevent you from lacking energy.

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Improves your immunity

Minerals contribute to building a strong immune system. This makes your body more resistant to illnesses, germs, bacteria, and infections.

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Unrefined Celtic sea salt is rich in beneficial minerals. Not only do they strengthen your body, but they also help heal faster.

Regulates blood pressure

Unrefined Celtic sea salt is great if you have high or low blood pressure.

Even though refined salt is not recommended for those with high blood pressure (as it is responsible for it), unrefined sea salt can stabilize it (if consumed with an appropriate water quantity).

If you have low blood pressure, unrefined Celtic sea salt can raise it.

Prevents the appearance of muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are usually caused by a lack of sodium in your body.

A regular intake of sea salt can prevent and even reduce these unpleasant cramps.

Improves sleep quality

Trace minerals such as Magnesium play an essential role in helping you have a good night sleep. They have a calming effect and make your body relax.

A regular intake of unrefined Celtic sea salt can improve your sleep quality.

How to use unrefined Celtic sea salt

Unrefined Celtic sea salt does not require special usage. It can be consumed just as you normally consume salt.

You can use it in your food or for a relaxing bath.

Besides adding a few teaspoons of sea salt, you can try some fragrance-free bath bombs.

NOTE: Besides having a regular intake of unrefined Celtic sea salt, you need to pay attention to how much water you drink. A regular water intake is mandatory for a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Unrefined Celtic sea salt products

Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt – Why It’s The Best Option For Your Health