Hydrating is essential for a healthy skin.

When speaking of hydrating, I refer to two things: hydrating from the interior and the exterior.

Hydrating from the interior is related to drinking plenty of water, liquids, and having a healthy diet.

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Hydrating from the exterior refers to using certain products which help you have a healthy beautiful skin. A toxin-free moisturizer is one of them.

Is it important for it to be toxin-free?

Moisturizers can contain certain ingredients which are not beneficial for your skin and health.

Paying attention to what you put on your skin after you remove your makeup with the cruelty-free makeup remover is essential.

Going for a toxin-free moisturizer can have great benefits for your skin.

Benefits of using a toxin-free moisturizer

No harmful chemicals on your skin

When you apply moisturizer, the lotion penetrates your skin. This means that chemicals are found on the exterior and also reach the interior of your skin.

When you know certain ingredients may not be the healthiest option, do you still want to use them?

A toxin-free moisturizer can keep your skin away from these chemicals. I’m speaking here about face and body moisturizers.

In order to make sure you’re moisturizer is toxin-free, check the ingredients list. To help you with this aspect, I’ll tell you a bit later some chemicals and why you may want to avoid them.

Great for hydrating your skin

A toxin-free moisturizer may contain more natural or organic ingredients. These products can be amazing for keeping your skin hydrated.

Of course, choosing a great product means paying attention to a few details such as your skin type.

If you have sensitive skin, you may want to go for a fragrance-free face moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Asking your dermatologist for advice is another great way to pick the right product for your skin.

Chemicals used in moisturizers

Mineral oil

Mineral oil is a common ingredient found in cosmetics. It locks moisture against the skin.

Mineral oil is found in moisturizers, foundations, and cleansers.

The origins of this ingredient are identical to the ones of fossil fuels.

The problem with petroleum-derived chemicals is they may contain 1,4 dioxane, a dangerous chemical and human carcinogen.


Parabens are often encountered in moisturizers, as they are used as preservatives.

Butylparaben, propylparaben, and isobutylparaben are a few examples.

Parabens are not safe for your health, as they are endocrine disruptors, meaning they can mimic human hormones.

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Skin lighteners (hydroquinone, tocopheryl acetate)

Skin lighteners are found in moisturizers and cleansers.

The problem with these chemicals is they have been linked to skin problems and conditions.


Fragrances refer to the smell moisturizers have. They are found in many beauty products such as creams, lipstick, and cleansers.

Just like parabens, fragrances are also endocrine disruptors.

Fragrance-free toxin-free moisturizers have no artificial smell. If they have, it usually comes from natural ingredients.

To be sure of this aspect, check the ingredients list and product details.

Tips to maintain your skin hydrated

Using toxin-free moisturizers is just one step in maintaining your skin hydrated.

Here are a few tips to help you have a beautiful hydrated skin.

Drink plenty of water. You may have heard this many times. This is why it’s so important.

You can add lemon or cucumber to give you water a fresh taste.

Eat foods rich in water. Here I include watermelon, cucumbers, lettuce, celery, berries, and peaches.

Exfoliate your skin. Exfoliating is a process you should do regularly. It eliminates the dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and soft.

You can use homemade scrubs or you can buy them from different stores. Take the organic face scrub for sensitive skin as an example.

Include facial sprays in your hydrating routine. Facial sprays can complement your skin hydrating routine and help you have a glowing skin.

Toxin-free moisturizer products

Toxin-Free Moisturizer – Hydrate Your Skin Healthily