People see challenges in overcoming limits. They feel that, in this way, they test themselves and put themselves into difficult situations in order to evolve and become better persons. However, some do not feel when they have gone too far, when they have reached the dark side of a challenge: the extremes. They place a person in a toxic environment and create habits that can lead them to an unhealthy lifestyle that affects them and the people around them.

Types of lifestyle extremes

When speaking about lifestyle, extremes can refer to several things: cleaning (house cleaning, personal hygiene), eating healthy, staying away from diseases etc. Thus, we can see that some can be correlated with the desire of living a healthy and clean lifestyle. Nevertheless, here we are not talking about a desire, but a true desperation.

Having a healthy lifestyle means finding a balance between what keeps you healthy and what keeps you happy. A disorder in this balance coming from one of the two sides takes you into an extreme. The first extreme is the one in which you end up in a world dominated by pleasure, where you listen only to what your body asks and wants and not to what your body actually needs. The other one takes you in the control freak zone, where you develop an exaggerated preoccupation for having everything in the exact parameters.

The danger of living in the extremes

Although some may think that the second extreme is not such a bad option, they forget that it takes people into a dangerous area. Living in the extremes has several effects on a person. First of all, it has a psychological effect. It hinders people in acting naturally. For example, a person who is obsessed with eating healthy can hardly go out for dinner with people who do not have the same lifestyle because they will not choose the same restaurants. Therefore, an invisible, yet strong barrier is formed between them, which puts pressure on the person from the extreme zone. Secondly, people can also be affected physically. Eating too much or too little or trying to protect yourself by staying in a ‘plastic’ bubble can cause changes in your body.

A sure and secure way to a healthy lifestyle is finding a middle way. Keeping the balance in all th23e fields of your life will help you stay healthy, be happy and satisfied with what you have and what you achieved.  

Toxic Lifestyle: Living In The Extremes
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