It’s pretty easy to explain how toothpaste works: as you brush your teeth, the paste cleans them by removing dirt and food remains from and between them.

There are certain ingredients in these products which can form a layer on your teeth. Glycerin is one of them.

While it may seem quite a safe action, this may be rather harmful to your teeth. This layer may not allow teeth to remineralize themselves.

Toothpaste Without Glycerin Products

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toothpaste without glycerin can be an alternative to avoid this situation. This type of product lacks this ingredient, which means you don’t have to worry about these effects for your teeth.

Choosing it is similar to going for a shampoo without sodium chloride.

Using a toothpaste without glycerin can have some great benefits for you and your teeth.

Benefits of using a toothpaste without glycerin

No ingredients to affect your teeth

Glycerin can form some sort of a barrier on your teeth. Imagine like applying wrapping plastic paper on them.

It may sound like you’re keeping them safe, but it can affect the natural process of remineralizing.

Remineralization is a process which naturally occurs in your mouth. It involves calcium, phosphate, and fluoride from the saliva, minerals which help maintain a healthy strong enamel.

Not allowing this process to naturally take place may lead to teeth problems.

A toothpaste without glycerin can help you avoid this situation and keep your teeth healthy.

Some toothpaste products may also lack other ingredients which are not very beneficial for your teeth. Sulfates and triclosan are two examples.

Sulfates are a common ingredient in toothpaste products. They are used as detergents and are the chemicals that cause the foaming. The problem with them is they have been linked to irritations and other health issues.

If you’re interested in this aspect, check out toothpaste that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.

Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical which is responsible for eliminating all the unwanted bacteria. The problem is when they do not eliminate all bacteria and the ones that remain become stronger and make the chemical less efficient.

To be 100% of what your toothpaste contains, always check the ingredients list.

Cleans your teeth really well

A toothpaste without glycerin can help you maintain your teeth clean.

If you’re not sure what product to pick, you can ask your dentist for a product recommendation. A specialist can give you advice based on your medical history, needs, and product preferences.

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What you need to know about glycerin

What is glycerin?

Glycerin is a liquid which is clear, without any smell, and a sweet taste. The common sources for this compound are animal fat and vegetable oil.

This ingredient is usually found in soap, body wash, creams, lotions, and other skincare products. You can also find it in shampoos, cosmetics, cleaning products, mouthwash and some pharmaceuticals.

If you’re interested in this topic, you should also check out glycolic body wash.

Why do you find glycerin in toothpaste?

Some toothpaste products contain glycerin.

This happens because glycerin helps improve the texture of the product. It helps it feel smooth. If you’ve ever wondered how toothpaste products get their creamy texture, now you know the answer.

Glycerin also prevents toothpaste from drying and can give the product a sweet taste.

Is glycerin a big threat for your teeth?

The answer to this question depends.

You may find information and sources saying that glycerin can affect your teeth really bad.

Others may say that these effects (basically, the layer it forms) disappear in a short time after you brush your teeth, as the saliva dissolves the glycerin layer.

In the end, it’s up to you to make the decision. Staying away from glycerin may help you, though, to decrease the chances of developing problems with your teeth.

Doing a bit of research and asking your dentist for advice can help you make a good decision for your teeth.

If you’re inetersted in this topic, take a look at hypoallergenic bath bombs.

Toothpaste without glycerin products

Toothpaste Without Glycerin – Can Glycerin Affect Your Teeth?