How would you feel if you had sulfates and parabens all over your face?

Even if you don’t know exactly what these words mean, it may make you very comfortable knowing your skin is covered with them.

What if I told you that you may be putting them on your face with your own hands.

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Sulfates and parabens are used in personal care items such as face wash products.

In order to avoid them, you can use a sulfate and paraben free face wash. These products do not contain such chemicals and may also lack other harsh ingredients.

Using a sulfate and paraben free face wash can be really beneficial for you.

Benefits of using a sulfate and paraben free face wash

No harsh chemicals on your face

Sulfates and parabens can be harsh on your skin. Sulfates, for instance, have been linked to skin irritations.

I’ll tell you more about each chemical category a bit later.

Avoiding these chemicals in your skincare products can prevent unpleasant situations like this.

This is the moment when the sulfate and paraben free face wash comes into discussion. Such products lack these chemicals and may focus on more natural ingredients (depending on the product you’re looking at).

What you need to keep in mind here is that these effects do not appear to everyone. Some may experience allergic reactions and irritations, while others may not have any symptom.

These reactions vary from one body to another and depend on different factors such as sensitivity.

If you’re interested in topics related to allergies, check out best hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner.

Cleans your face

Eliminating sulfates and parabens from face wash products does not make them less effective.

Sulfate and paraben free face wash products can do a great job in cleaning your face.

What you need to make sure is that you pick the right product for your face.

Start with your skin type. Think if you have oily, sensitive, or mixed skin. Look for products which match yours.

You may find quite a wide variety of sulfate free and paraben free face wash products. It can be as easy as finding a healthy shampoo and conditioner.

Why you want to avoid sulfates and parabens

I’ve mentioned earlier that I’ll tell you more about these chemicals. Here are a few details about each of them and other chemicals you may want to avoid.

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Sulfates act as surfactants and detergents. They are used in a wide variety of personal care products, including:

  • shampoos
  • conditioners
  • moisturizers
  • creams
  • lotions
  • cleansers
  • body wash products

Some of the most common sulfates you’ll find in products are SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate).

Just like in shampoos, sulfates are can absorb the oil from your skin. The problem is when it absorbs too much oil, leaving your skin too dry. This oil is essential for a healthy skin.

Sulfates have been linked to irritations of the skin and eyes.

If you’re interested in this topic, check out shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate.


Parabens are chemicals used to ensure products with long shelf lives. They are the reason why products can stay so long on store shelves.

They are used in so many products, it has become really hard to keep count.

The problem with parabens is they are endocrine disruptors. This means they can mimic human hormones and send the wrong signals to the body. This can lead to hormonal disbalances.

Paraben-free body butter falls into the category of products free of this chemical.

Other chemicals used in face wash products

  • Alcohols – can make the skin really dry and cause irritations
  • DBP&DEP – endocrine disruptors
  • Propylene glycol – can cause skin irritations

Sulfate and paraben free face wash products

Sulfate And Paraben Free Face Wash – No Harsh Chemicals On Your Face