No, we are not planning a major attack and we have not found the greatest beauty secret, but we do know something for sure. Beauty is in all of us and comes from all of us. Beauty stands in the differences between people, in contrasts, in what we really are. Accepting ourselves is the first and most important step in becoming beauty queens and kings.

Mother Nature comes with some help in emphasizing the most beautiful parts of each person. It does not seek to change them, as other methods, just to make your qualities more visible. It has brought you a gift: accessories made from natural materials. Why should you choose these? First if all, because of their attracting and unique aspect, you will look absolutely stunning. Secondly, they are made of eco-friendly materials which are biodegradable and designed to protect the environment. Therefore, these pieces of jewelry are a combination between beauty and utility, between aspect and awareness.

We will present you a short list of jewelry that you can choose to wear on different occasions, with various outfits.

1. Unconventional necklaces

"Solid Heart" Necklace on Braided Sustainable Cork (The New Leather)

2. Colorful mango tree bangles

Mango Tree BanglesMango Tree Bangles

3. Handmade earrings

Tagua Fragments Eco Friendly EarringsFique Leaves Eco Friendly Earrings

4. Eco-friendly watches

Sprout Unisex ST3001GYGYOR Corn Resin Orange Organic Cotton Strap Watch  Geneva Authentic Eco Friendly Cork Dial Women's Watch L2223

5. Bracelets

SHUAR - Tagua BraceletsZAPARO - Chunky Bracelets

6. Belts

Huckstraps Belt,Alabama Clay,US One Size

Eco-friendly jewelry can make you look like a real queen, but always remember, that you are beautiful anyway. All these additional products just emphasize what you already have and put your qualities in the first row.

Steal the Beauty Of Mother Nature
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