Spring is probably the most beautiful season. It is the period in which everything seems to come back to life. Trees and plants bud, flowers blossom and nature transforms into a green fairy. Animals wake up from their long sleep and people feel happier than ever that the cold season has gone away.  Moreover, it is a great moment to make a change in our diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables appear, surrounding us with vitamins and minerals.


We said earlier that nature changes its color and becomes green. Our gardens do the same, which means we will be eating many green products. Speaking about vegetables, we will concentrate on those that can make great salads. Chard, spinach, lettuce, watercress, green onions, radish are a great way to begin a spring diet and give up to the meals that are rich in calories.


When it comes to fruits, we can start thinking about strawberries, apricots and cherries. These are the first sweet things that appear on our tables. Rich in vitamins, they can easily replace any kind of dessert you had during winter.

Spring is the season in which people should restart their fresh and healthy diet. After three months of cold weather and low temperatures, the body will slowly change its metabolism. This is the reason why people need to adapt their diet to the season. It will make the body adapt faster to the natural changes and you will feel happy, full of energy and healthy.

Spring: What You Should Eat
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