Brushing your teeth twice a day is a habit promoted by dental professionals. It’s something we learn since we’re little children from specialists and our parents.

While this is a habit most agree on, using any type of toothpaste is something that does not raise the same reactions.

Some toothpaste products contain chemicals which may not be beneficial for your teeth. This is why it’s essential to choose these products carefully.

An SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride can be a great option. This product lacks SLS, a type of sulfate used in several personal care products and linked to certain health issues.

SLS-Free Toothpaste With Fluoride Products

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Another product which fits this category is the SLS-free body wash.

Using an SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride can have some great benefits for you.

Benefits of using an SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride

There are no harsh chemicals in the product

The problem with some toothpaste products is related to the ingredients used to make them.

Sulfates are one of them and SLS is a type of sulfate. It stands for sodium lauryl sulfate. Another type of sulfate you can find in toothpaste is SLES, sodium laureth sulfate.

Using a product such as an SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride which lacks these chemicals (at least) can be a healthier option.

To make sure the product is free of these chemicals, check the ingredients list before you buy the product. If you see something you don’t want there, move to another product.

Contribute to a healthy oral hygiene

An SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride takes care of your teeth, cleaning them and helping them remain healthy.

The fact that it lacks some chemicals does not affect its quality.

Learning about the chemicals used in personal care and personal hygiene products is a great way of understanding the items you’re using.

In the case of toothpaste and other similar products, asking for advice and product recommendations from a specialist can be a smart step. An SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride can be a great choice, but your dentist may determine if you need a special product that perfectly suits your needs.

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Chemicals to avoid in toothpaste products


Sulfates are one of the common ingredients in toothpaste products. The reason why this happens is because these chemicals act as surfactants and detergents.

The foaming that happens when you brush your teeth is due to sulfates.

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One problem with sulfates is related to 1,4 dioxane. This is a known human carcinogen which can appear during certain manufacturing processes involving sulfates.

Products contaminated with this chemical can pose a great risk.


Besides sulfates, triclosan is another common ingredient.

This is an antibacterial and antifungal chemical. Its role is to kill and eliminate the unwanted bacteria.

Products which contain this ingredient can create the impression that they eliminate bacteria 100%. This is not necessarily true. Triclosan can eliminate a great number of germs and bacteria, but it can leave some of them behind.

The ones that remain can develop and become stronger, resisting to the effects of triclosan and diminishing the efficiency of the product.

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Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol acts as a surfactant in toothpaste products, just like sulfates.

The problem with propylene glycol is that is has been linked to kidney, liver, and central nervous system issues.

Artificial sweeteners

Do you know the sweet taste some toothpaste products have?

Certain chemicals such as saccharin are responsible for it. This ingredient has been linked to health problems in rodents, including bladder cancer and brain tumors.

What you need to know about fluoride

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral which can be found in drinking water and different foods. Usually, all drinking water contains this mineral, but the amount depends on the area.

In areas where the amount of fluoride in drinking water is low, additional fluoride is added. Water suppliers can tell people about the exact amounts.

The benefits of fluoride

Fluoride plays an important role in maintaining healthy teeth. It contributes to strengthening the tooth enamel and reducing the amount of acid produced by bacteria on teeth.

In time, fluoride may help prevent health issues like tooth decay.

What about fluoride in toothpaste?

Toothpaste products can contain fluoride. This is usually mentioned on the package.

An SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride and other toothpaste products with fluoride can help prevent tooth decay.

What’s important to keep an eye on is the amount of toothpaste with fluoride that children use. Until they are 7 years old, children should not use more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste when they brush their teeth.

Too much fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis, a condition which affects the tooth enamel.

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SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride products

SLS-Free Toothpaste With Fluoride To Smile Healthily