Did you know poor sleep can make you gain weight, have problems in taking decisions and become emotionally unstable? Getting the rest you need is essential for a healthy balanced lifestyle and well-functioning of your body. Sleep quality is dictated by several factors such as your diet, the actions you do before going to bed and your mattress. There are different types of mattresses and each of them can have an impact on how you sleep. Two of the most discussed are memory foam mattresses and natural latex mattresses.

You may ask which one is the best for a proper healthy sleep. Let’s take the natural latex mattress and its characteristics to understand it better.

Characteristics of natural latex mattresses

Natural latex foam

These mattresses are created using latex foam. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to the usual memory foam used in other products.

Latex is derived from plants and is hypoallergenic. The production of this material does not require any harsh chemicals such as petroleum. We’ll discuss the effects of this later on.

Latex mattresses are firm and generally adapted to different types of sleepers. Also, this material makes them more durable than memory foam ones. Some of then can last more than 15 years.

Fabric encased coils

This is an element that is not necessarily present in all latex mattresses.

Each coil is encased with fabric. Basically, they are responsible with offering the support you need while sleeping and making you feel comfortable. Also, they isolate the other person’s movements so that you feel little to nothing when you sleep.

Cotton fabric top layer

The coverage of the mattress is also an important aspect. Some latex mattresses use cotton or even organic cotton fabric. This is a great thing both for you and the environment. Cotton provides a comfortable relaxing surface, which helps you enjoy a good night sleep. Also, it’s an eco-friendly material.

If you want your mattress to have an organic cotton layer, look for certified organic latex products.

Available in multiple dimension

These mattresses are usually available in multiple dimensions. From twin, full to California king size, you can choose the one which suits your needs. All of them are designed using the same technology, so you can go for different dimensions and enjoy the same quality.

How latex is made

Since we’ve discussed about latex mattresses earlier, it’s essential to know a few things about this material. Latex is made from rubber tree sap. The liquid is collected carefully, then heated slowly and vulcanized. In this way, the liquid becomes more flexible and takes a more solid form.

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In what concerns the vulcanization, there are two methods used in this process: Dunlop and Talalay.

  • Dunlop
    This method has been used since the 1950s and was created to produce longer-lasting latex foam. It is ideal for bottom layers as it creates firmer foam.
  • Talalay
    This is a newer technique and it is used to create softer latex foam. This result is obtained as producers add some synthetics and air in the process. This latex foam is ideal for top layers.

Latex vs Memory Foam – Which one to choose?


If we were to compare the memory foam and natural latex mattress in terms of which one is more eco-friendly, the second item would be the answer. We’ve mentioned above that memory foam requires the usage of harsh chemicals such as petroleum. It is a toxic liquid for both humans and the environment. Air pollution, water contamination and contribution to climate change are just a few examples of how petroleum impacts the world.

Natural latex is made 100% from the rubber tree sap. The production of this item does not require additives and no off-gas.


The materials these mattresses are made of can have an impact on our health as well. Let’s take petroleum again. Memory foam mattresses based on this ingredient have been linked to respiratory problems, headaches, and itchy eyes. Now imagine this. How would it be if you woke up with a headache? Not the best scenario, especially when it’s Monday morning.

Natural latex mattresses, on the other hand, are hypoallergenic. This means you don’t need to worry about possible side effects.


Natural latex mattresses are more firm than memory foam ones. The foam ones tend to surpass latex when it comes to comfort and pressure point relief.

Choosing between memory foams and natural latex mattresses can be a difficult task. It’s important to think of your needs and decide on a product which can fulfill them. If you want to go for the natural latex mattress, here are a few tips.

How to choose a quality natural latex mattress

First of all, you need to pay attention to the ILD (Indentation Load Deflection). This is the measurement unit which tells you the degree of firmness and softness characteristic for a latex mattress. The numbers range for 18-19ILD for soft and 26-30ILD for firmness. Yet, companies may combine layers to create certain types of sensations.

Companies you buy from are also an important aspect. Check and see if they have public information about how they produce mattresses. If not, you can ask about their technical documentation that proves their claims and tells you more about what latex they use (if it’s natural, pure).

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The trial period is crucial as well. Let’s say you discover that the product does not suit you (e.g. you can’t sleep on it) or it’s not the material you expected. You should be able to return it (in a certain period of time: 90 or 180 days) without any problem.

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