There is a condition for a big beautiful smile: healthy teeth. This means having healthy teeth enamel, healthy gums and no unpleasant sensations in your mouth.

When a tooth problem appears, we usually go to the dentist and solve it. If we have an enamel issue, for instance, we follow a treatment and take care of it. What we rarely do is go for the cause of the problem.

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Have you ever wondered why you keep having teeth enamel problems? One of the causes can be linked to the (lack of) silica from your body. This is an essential mineral which plays a great role in our health, particularly in the health of our teeth.

Before going into any detail about silica tooth enamel, let’s talk about this mineral more in depth.

What is silica?

Silica or silicon is a mineral also known as quartz. In the environment, we find it in sandstones and different types of rocks. It’s a mineral our bodies produce it as well. We can find it in the composition of our bones.

The silica levels from our bodies decrease as we age. This is when dental and bone problems start to appear. Although silica is not the only cause for this, it does contribute.

Silica plays an important role in maintaining the health of different parts of our bodies.

Skin health. Collagen depends on silica for maintaining a healthy beautiful skin. This mineral contributes to hydrating and improving skin elasticity, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Bone health. Silica is part our bone composition. It’s a crucial mineral for bone growth, flexibility, and repair.

Joint health. Silica maintains the health of our joints by strengthening cartilages and tendons, improving our flexibility and reducing joint pains.

Heart health. The mineral contributes to strengthening muscles and preventing the calcification of other tissues. This means it can maintain the heart muscle healthy.

Silica tooth enamel: role and benefits

We’ve left teeth health aside, so we discuss this subject in more detail. When we speak about silica tooth enamel, we refer to the role this mineral plays in maintaining our enamel healthy.

Like in the case of our bones, silica contributes to the growth of our teeth. The additional aspect of this situation is that the mineral also helps generate new enamel. This maintains our smile healthy and beautiful, as it keeps cavities away from us.

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Silica and collagen are great team players. Both of them are responsible for the health of our gums. Gum problems can lead to bad breath, sensitive teeth, swollen red gums and even teeth loss. Taking care of them means paying attention to your silica levels.

Silica intake

Silica is indeed produced by our bodies, but not in great quantities. This means, in order to be healthy and enjoy the benefits of this mineral, we need to pay attention to our diet and maybe consider some supplements.

Before making any quick decisions, it’s important to consult with your doctor. He can tell what you actually need and how you can improve your silica tooth enamel.

Let’s start with the diet part. Silica can be found in different foods such as:

  • banana
  • cucumber
  • leafy greens
  • sweet potatoes
  • oats
  • celery
  • asparagus

Try and include them in your meals for an even healthier diet.

Silica supplements are another option you can go for. Some of them are made from plant-based sources and constitute an excellent way to strengthen your body.

Going back to keeping your teeth healthy, there are some products you can purchase. Tooth gels are one example. Some of them contain natural silica, which helps clean your teeth and keep them healthy. Combining these products with a healthy diet can keep your smile healthy on the inside and the outside.

Silica tooth enamel product recommendations

Silica Tooth Enamel: Maintain A Healthy Beautiful Smile With Just One Mineral