If I told you that your shampoo may contain salt, would believe me?

Some shampoo products add salt to their composition. You can find it in the ingredients list as sodium chloride.

While salt, in general, is quite beneficial for personal care, in this case, it may not bring the results you want for your hair. Salt can make your scalp itchy and dry your hair.

Shampoo Without Sodium Chloride Products

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shampoo without sodium chloride can be a better alternative in this case. The fact that it lacks salt prevents your hair from becoming dry and dull.

This product can take care of your hair just like the natural keratin treatment without formaldehyde. It can make your hair look healthy and beautiful.

Using a shampoo without sodium chloride can have some amazing benefits for your hair.

Shampoo without sodium chloride benefits

Helps your hair have a beautiful healthy look

Do you know how your hair feels after you take a bath in the sea or the ocean?

It’s all sticky, harsh and it feels really dry. This happens because of the salt in the water.

Now imagine having a similar sensation after you wash your hair. It will not be quite the same, as you can’t compare the salt quantity from an ocean with the one from a shampoo.

Constant usage, though, may affect your hair and make it feel kind of dry. It may also affect your scalp and make it feel a bit itchy.

A shampoo without sodium chloride can prevent this from happening. Eliminating salt from your hair care routine can help you have a beautiful healthy look.

If you’re interested in this topic, you should also check out non-toxic hair spray.

The shampoo does a good job cleaning it

A shampoo without sodium chloride can do a great job in cleaning your hair.

The product eliminates the excess sebum and impurities you gather in your hair. This leaves you with a clean and beautiful hair.

To increase your chances of choosing the right product for your hair, make sure you look for a product that suits your hair type. Check out and see if the shampoo is for dry, oily, curly or whatever hair type you have.

You can also look at the product’s reviews and see what other people say about it. It can help have a more clear idea about the shampoo’s performance.

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Why is salt added in shampoo?

You may wonder what has salt to do with shampoo products.

The reason has something to do with sulfates, one of the common ingredients found in shampoo products. They act as detergents and surfactants and are responsible with the cleaning and foaming part.

If you’re interested in this topic, check out shampoo and conditioner without alcohol and sulfates.

Sodium chloride is used as a thickener agent in shampoo products which contain sulfates. It increases the viscosity and helps products work efficiently.

The problem is sodium chloride usage (constant and over time) can lead to dryness, itchiness of the scalp and possible hair loss.

Take into account that these effects may appear or not, depending on your hair and shampoo compatibility. You may experience these symptoms or you may have absolutely no problem.

Using a shampoo without sodium chloride can decrease the chances of this happening.

Ingredients that are beneficial for your hair

Shampoo products, including a shampoo without sodium chloride, can contain ingredients which are really beneficial for your hair and scalp.

Here are a few examples of ingredients you may want to look for in a shampoo.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is known for having wonderful properties and great benefits for your hair.

This is an oil which deeply penetrates the hair fiber. It helps it become stronger and have a healthy look.

You can look for shampoo products which contain coconut oil or use raw coconut oil as a mask or a conditioner for your hair.

Olive oil

Olive oil is another type of oil which can have great effects on your hair.

It’s an amazing remedy for dry and damaged hair. It can replace the essential oils your scalp needs, helping at keeping it hydrated and nourished.

Avocado oil

Are you an avocado lover?

You will probably love it even more after you hear how it can help your hair.

Avocado oil is rich in vitamins B and E and can make a great conditioner for your hair. It gives it a shining look while keeping it moisturized and strong.


Seaweed has some great effects on oily hair. It can help control the excessive sebum release and represent a good solution in the case of greasy hair.

If you’re interested in this subject, check out deodorants without aluminum chloride.


Rosemary oil can be a great help in the case of hair loss. It can promote hair growth and help your hair have a healthy natural look.

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Shampoo without sodium chloride products

Shampoo Without Sodium Chloride – How Can Salt Affect Your Hair?