Have you ever tested reusable straws stainless steel?

These are straws made of stainless steel. They look exactly like the straws you’ve seen and used before.

The main difference stands in the material used. Most straws are made of plastic, while these use stainless steel.

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The most significant difference is related to the environmental impact has and the health effects these products have on us.

Plastic is one of the most dangerous materials for nature and for us as well. It takes years for it to decompose and it leaches dangerous chemicals into the environment and sometimes into our food and drinks. I’ll tell you more about these details a bit later.

Going for reusable straws stainless steel can be really beneficial for you.

Benefits of using reusable straws stainless steel

They are an eco-friendly alternative

Comparing stainless steel to plastic, it becomes really easy to determine that the first is more eco-friendly than the second material.

Plastic is one of the most dangerous materials for the environment. Its production, as well as its destruction, contributes to pollution.

Just imagine that every day, at least one straw is used. This means that large numbers of straws are used and then thrown away daily.

To be more specific, only in the USA  500 million straws are thrown away every day.

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You can reuse them

One of the biggest problems with plastic straws is they are disposable. You use them once and then you just throw them away.

Reusable straws stainless steel have one great benefit: they can be used several times, as long as they are cleaned properly.

You can use them to drink a smoothie, clean them, and then use them to drink hot cocoa. Just make sure nothing remained in the interior.

They are a safe option for your health

When plastic straws are used for hot drinks and foods (especially), there is a great chance they will leach chemicals into them.

This means that potentially dangerous chemicals end up in your food and drinks and you consume them.

Reusable straws stainless steel do not have this problem. They are made of approved food grade materials (like the ones used for pots, pans, silverware).

They represent a great healthy alternative for you.

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What you need to know about plastic straws

Environmental concerns

The problem with plastic starts when the natural resources required for its production are extracted. I’m talking about petroleum or natural gas.

These two non-renewable resources need energy-consuming processes to be extracted and processed, which contribute to air pollution (and other types of pollution).

Plastic straws are produced, sent to stores, sold, used, and then thrown away.

Because some plastic straws are made of a material which cannot be recycled, they end up in the landfills.

When plastic decomposes, it releases dangerous chemicals into the soil, air, and water. They affect nature and threaten the health of wild animals.

Using alternatives to plastic straws (such as reusable straws stainless steel) can have an environmental impact. It’s like switching from a conventional to an energy-saving refrigerator.

Health concerns

When speaking of plastic products, one of the greatest health concerns is related to Bisphenol-A (BPA). This is a chemical found in many plastic products, including plastic straws.

It’s a harmful chemical because it has the ability to mimic estrogen and other hormones. This can lead to hormonal disbalances and reproductive problems.

BPA can leach into foods and drinks, meaning you can consume the chemical.

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