You may have heard that researchers have discovered a method that can reset your body in an extraordinary way. This diet is not a new one as it has been promoted for a very long time. One of the places from where we have heard about it is the Bible. People are encouraged to eat very little (fruits and vegetables) or nothing at all for a certain period of time. Yes, we are talking about fasting, a controversial diet that has raised several debates and that promises miraculous results.

First of all, what does fasting mean? It implies a great or total reduction of the number of calories a person eats for one or several days. In other words, you eat very little or not at all. The part with no food raised many question and exclamation marks. It has divided people into two sides. Not eating anything is associated with hunger, famine, anorexia and a sudden stop of giving the body the nutrients it needs. Moreover, no food = lack of energy and inability to fulfill daily tasks. This is the theory that many people believe in and use when they are arguing why they do not try fasting.

The benefits of fasting

However, the interesting part has not even started. Scientists have found that fasting can totally reset your body.  It can reset a person’s immune system, causing stem cells to create new white blood cells. This means that the body becomes stronger and it can strongly fight diseases (cancer, diabetes, heart attacks) and infections. These results can be seen after 72 hours of not eating.

Fasting makes the body consume all the fat and resources. As a result, people are passing through a  detox diet, as they eliminate all the ‘bad’  and unnecessary parts that they hide in their organism.

Cutting out all your food and surviving just by drinking water sounds as an extreme method. Although it has been criticised by nutritionists, fasting has not been proven to have any dangerous side effects. Some people have experienced dizziness, fainting, but most of them have felt a unique transformation and a great shift in their body.

Reset Your Entire Body With 3 Days Of Fasting
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