Do you know that feeling when your eyes are really dry and tired?

It can be a really unpleasant sensation and may make you want to keep your eyes closed.

Although these reactions can be due to several reasons, eye drops are a common treatment prescribed in this case.

This eye product can contain certain chemicals which may not be as beneficial. Preservatives are an example of such an ingredient.

Preservative-Free Lubricating Eye Drops

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Alternatives such as preservative-free lubricating eye drops can be a great option. These products lack a chemical which may not be helpful for your eye health. This is a subject with multiple opinions, which I will present a bit later.

These products fall in the same category as sulfate and paraben free face wash.

Using preservative-free lubricating eye drops can be really beneficial for you.

Benefits of using preservative-free lubricating eye drops

No preservatives in your eyes

Eye drop products can contain preservatives. Just like in other products, these chemicals are used to prevent bacteria from developing inside the product.

The problem with them is they have been linked to certain eye problems.

When speaking of health problems, it’s important to mention that they depend on the person and the product. Some people may use products with chemicals for long periods of time and have no health problems.

Also, it may depend on the concentrations used in products. Some items may contain ingredients in higher concentrations.

The idea is using products which contain these chemicals may expose you to certain risks.

Preservative-free lubricating eye drops can represent a great alternative. Of course, before making such a decision, you should consult with your ophthalmologist.

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Can do their job pretty well

Preservative-free lubricating eye drops can do their job really well.

They can help you with your dry eyes and eliminate the unpleasant feeling you have.

It’s essential you discuss these details with your ophthalmologist. He can recommend you a good product and help you in case of any side effects (with hope that you don’t experience any).

Why are preservatives used in eye drops?

Preservatives are chemicals used in eye drop products with the purpose of preventing bacteria from developing and growing in these products.

As eye drops are usually used every day, their container is opened often. The constant contact with air exposes the product to conditions for bacteria to develop. This is when preservatives come into action and prevent this from happening.

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There are two big types of preservatives used in these products:

  • chemical preservatives
  • oxidative preservatives

Chemical preservatives are an older ‘version’ of these chemicals. They can be irritating and cause problems for the conjunctiva and the corneal epithelium.

Oxidative preservatives are a new type of preservatives and they tend to be less toxic than chemical ones.  Some of them are also known as vanishing preservatives, as they decompose and break down into salt and water.

Paraben-free lubricating eye drops are an option. If you’re in the situation where you have to choose between a product with chemicals or oxidative preservatives, the second can be a better option, as these chemicals may be less toxic.

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When you should take eye drops

Eye drops are usually used by people who have problems with dry eyes.

The number of such people is pretty high. In fact, only in America, between 25 and 40 million people have a certain level of dry eye.

This is the moment when paraben-free lubricating eye drops come into the discussion. These artificial tears help keep the eyes wet and contribute to eliminating the redness.

Eye drops are most commonly used when people have dry eyes. Here are a few symptoms of dry eyes:

  • redness
  • pain in the eye
  • burning sensations
  • a scratchy feeling in the eyes
  • heavy eyelids

Another possible situation when you can use eye drops is when having eye allergies. The symptoms are similar to the dry eye ones.

Before making any decision about the treatment you need, visit your doctor.

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Preservative-free lubricating eye drops products

Preservative-Free Lubricating Eye Drops For A Clear Healthy Vision