The fresh air, the silence, the sun that delicately touches your skin, the thought of not having to go to work the next day, this is the perfect description of a vacation. You do not have to worry about the daily problems, about the cleaning and the cooking, all you have to do is relax. However, there is one thing that people should never forget: the environment. If you did not know, the types of vacations we choose affect or protect it and this is why it is important to do a little research about your holiday before you book anything. The type you can go for is the green vacation.

A green holiday is the one that aims to protect nature and offers tourists destinations and facilities that will represent a great escape from the crowded cities. It promotes eco-friendly means of transport, responsible consumption of resources and activities that will make people get out of their hotel rooms. Travelling to countries such as Argentina, Bahamas, Latvia, Serbia or Uruguay is something that is recommended by agencies that promote this type of tourism. Also, if you have a budget limit and these destinations seem too expensive, you could try a vacation that is close to your home. You never know the beauties and adventures that are hidden just a few miles away from you.

Furthermore, there are a few things that you should know and do before you leave in vacation.

1. Early booking

Look up agencies that have eco-friendly policies and aims and see their offers. A tip for making a selection is looking for agencies that promote local and regional tourism and that use measures that protect the wildlife. After you have found it and decided on an offer, make an early booking for your holiday.

2. Travel eco-friendly

Here, you should think about the means of transport and hotels. Choose to travel by train instead of airplane because trains function on electricity, while planes need fuel. If you really need to travel by plane, look for an eco-friendly airline. Speaking about hotels, you should pick a green one, that recycles what it uses, buys eco-friendly products and supports green energy.

3. Eco-friendly travelling products

Do not forget to buy what you need before you leave: natural sunscreen, organic shampoo and shower gel etc. We encourage you to use natural and organic products especially in vacation because they do not have side effects and will not cause any unwanted problems during your holidays. Allergies, for example.

4. Turn off your home

It is important not to leave any electronics plugged because they will consume energy in vain. You will not be needing them for a few days, so it is a great opportunity to give them the chance to rest a little. If you really need to keep them plugged, leave them at the lowest level.

5. Consume wisely

Even though you are on holiday, you should never forget about nature. Do not use more than you need (water, electricity), and do not leave marks behind you. Throw away what you do not need anymore and recycle everything that you can.

Green vacations are a wonderful experience for people and a great way to protect the environment. They take into consideration the needs of both sides and seek for a balance. Moreover, they fight and contribute to the protection and creation of a green and happy planet.

Why You Should Pick A Green Vacation For Your Next Holiday
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