Birthdays, anniversaries, and big holidays generally bring wonderful moments and lots of presents. For pet owners, they also mean torn gift boxes and wrapping paper all over the place. You may know this if you own a dog or a cat, but what you may not know is why this may be harmful to your little one.

Gift wrapping paper and ribbons are excellent for creating a beautiful present. They may not be an excellent toy for your pet. Did you know conventional wrapping paper can contain metals? Imagine what can happen if your pet ingests it (in a certain quantity). You may need to plan a visit to the vet earlier than you expected.

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A healthier version to avoid such problems is pet-friendly wrapping paper. This product is specially created for you and your pet. Depending on where you are buying from, you can find wrapping papers with different designs and models.

Before we go into any detail about pet-friendly wrapping paper, we need to look a bit at conventional wrapping paper and find out some information about it.

What you didn’t know about conventional wrapping paper

Who doesn’t like a beautifully wrapped gift? If it has a pattern as well, it’s even better. Wrapping paper is known for its shiny bright or intense colors which light up the entire place.

How often have you wondered what makes it so shiny? The answer stands in the metals (and some heavy metals) used into treating it. They are the ones responsible for the final result.

Some of the metals you can find in conventional wrapping paper are:

  • chromium
  • copper
  • iron
  • zinc
  • lead
  • manganese
  • nickel

If your pet happens to eat a small piece of wrapping paper, it may not affect its health. Yet, if we are talking about an entire piece, its body may treat as a foreign object. This may lead to an intestinal obstruction.

If you want to make sure your pet stays away from that paper, you can use a special spray for animals to put it on the gift wrap. It usually has an awful taste for them and keeps them away. Ask your vet for a product recommendation before you purchase such a spray.

Pet-friendly wrapping paper benefits

Pet-friendly wrapping paper is a great way to avoid unpleasant scenarios for you and your loved pet. Using it can have a few benefits.

Safe for animals

This is the obvious and greatest benefit pet-friendly wrapping paper brings. You may not need to worry if you see your pet playing with (be careful with the eating part).

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Pet-friendly wrapping paper is usually made using soy-based or vegetable inks. This can make them less harmful to animals, as they do not contain heavy metals or other chemicals (the paper is treated with).

Check the product description thoroughly to make sure you are buying a safe wrapping paper for your pet.

Dog safe product

If you are looking for a dog-friendly product, this is something you need to check.

Dog-friendly wrapping paper is ideal for the holidays and for special events. You will be able to enjoy those moments without worrying about your dog.

As we’ve mentioned before, check the product information to be sure you are choosing a safe item.


Although this may depend from one product to another, pet-friendly wrapping paper is usually eco-friendly as well. As no heavy metals or harsh chemicals are used to manufacture it, its production (and possibly its degradation) may not represent a danger to the environment.

Some wrapping papers are even biodegradable. Make sure you check these details on the product package or description.

If you like the pet-friendly wrapping paper, you will really enjoy finding out more about the formaldehyde-free toilet paper.

Wrapping paper tip

After you open your present, you realize you have a lot of wrapping paper to throw away. If this happens in the cold season, you may be tempted to throw it into the fireplace, if you have one. Don’t do it!

It can give off toxic fumes which can cause damage to the environment and the wildlife. Wrapping paper also burns really quickly and it can create a big fire due to the chemicals used to produce it (at least, in the conventional product). If it goes under control, you may need to call the fire department.

What you can do is select it and take it to a special garbage beam to recycle it.

Pet-friendly wrapping paper product recommendations

Pet-friendly Wrapping Paper To Take Care Of Your Pets And Of Nature