Having a strong cutting board is mandatory in your kitchen. You need to rely on it when cutting meat and vegetables.

This is a kitchen tool which comes in direct contact with your food (before and after it’s been cooked). It’s important that the cutting board is made of materials which are safe for your health.

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Chemicals or potentially dangerous materials are not allowed in this conversation. Safer alternatives such as organic bamboo cutting board formaldehyde free are something you need to consider.

I know the product name is long and may seem complicated, but each term indicates a big aspect related to the product. Let’s take each of them and see why it’s important to pay attention to them.

Why choose an organic cutting board?

Organic is a powerful word when it comes to green alternatives. We assume it means something healthy, safe for us and probably for the environment as well.

The organic attribute is indeed a big quality for a product, but it may not mean exactly what you think.

An organic product is an item which is produced using only organic ingredients, materials and methods. All of these elements are certified as organic by a certain authority.

In other words, these products are manufactured by respecting some strict rules imposed by an authority. They are designed to be a safe option for our health and to take care of the environment.

The greatest benefits you have by choosing an organic cutting board is that you have a guarantee you are buying a verified product. You know only organic bamboo and other organic materials were used to make it.

Because the term carries such a powerful meaning, it’s crucial to make sure you are buying a truly organic product.

The companies which produce organic products must be certified, meaning they must have a public certification/authorization. You should be able to find it on their website or they should tell you this information if you contact them.

Formaldehyde free is a must for organic bamboo cutting boards

Formaldehyde is a chemical found in different products such as toilet paper, manufactured wood products, furniture, and air fresheners.

When it comes to bamboo cutting boards, formaldehyde can be found in the glues used to manufacture the product.

This chemical may cause some health problems such as irritations. It is also believed formaldehyde is a factor which contributes to cancer development, yet more research is needed in this direction.

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Probably the people with the higher risk of developing health problems are the industrial workers. They deal with it and are exposed to the substance on a regular basis.

Products usually have indicated on their package or in the product description if they contain or not formaldehyde (ingredients). Make sure you check them before making any purchasing decision.

There are healthier alternatives to choose from. Formaldehyde free toilet paper is another example of a product which does not contain this chemical.

Benefits of using an organic bamboo cutting board (formaldehyde free)

Many cutting boards are made of wood. Other items are made of bamboo.

Is there a difference between the two of them?

Bamboo is an eco-friendly type of grass

Bamboo is not a wood, it’s a type of grass.

It grows in Asia, Australia, Africa and different parts of North and South America.

Bamboo is a great alternative to cutting trees. It grows back fast and easy (can reach 100 cm in 24 hours) and is a renewable resource.

Going for such an alternative can contribute to reducing the request for wood products.

It’s also an excellent alternative to plastic cutting boards.

Organic bamboo cutting boards are really resistant

When you cut something hard or you use a strong knife, there are chances you will leave small holes in your cutting board. These are the places where bacteria hide.

Bamboo is a really resistant material and can handle some strong pressures.

The organic bamboo cutting board formaldehyde free takes care of your health and will stay in your kitchen for a long time.

What’s more, bamboo cutting boards don’t absorb liquids. This prevents them from cracking and warping.

Tip for better usage of your cutting boards

You may have seen that, after a certain period of time, your cutting boards may have a specific smell. Are you thinking about that onion smell?

It happens, but you may not want to cut fresh fruits on an onion-smelling cutting board.

What you can do is use different cutting boards for several purposes.

Try having one cutting board for chopping onions, garlic, meat, and one for fruits, salads, cooked eggplant.

Organic cutting board formaldehyde free products

Organic Bamboo Cutting Board Formaldehyde Free For Healthy Cooking