The eyes are one of the most expressive parts of the face. This may be a reason why we emphasize them using makeup such as mascara. As one of the most popular makeup products, it has its high and low points. It can be an incredible beauty item, but it can also contain different chemicals.

Some mascara products may contain several chemicals, depending on what you are using. Their ingredients may be more or less dangerous and using them may put you at risk. A safer option would be to go for non-toxic mascara or non-toxic waterproof mascara.


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Either of these two is a great alternative. We incline towards the waterproof version, as it offers more benefits. You can use it during summer, winter or the rainy season and not worry about it getting ruined.

Non-toxic mascara products are less likely to be filled with harmful chemicals. This makes them a healthier and safer option for you and the environment (yet this depends from one product to another).

How can mascara be harmful if you apply so little on your lashes? The answer lies in the ingredients used in these products. Let’s take a look.

Conventional mascara chemicals

Do you know that tiny writing you see on the product package? That is the place where you can find the ingredients used in your mascara. If you get past the part of understanding the tiny writing, you reach the phase where you have to know what each name means.

This is the part where we intervene. We will present some brief explanations about some common chemicals found in conventional mascara products.

Aluminum powder

Aluminum powder is used in mascara products as a cosmetic colorant. This chemical has been named a neurotoxin and long exposure to it can be dangerous for your health. It can impair with your body’s capacity to excrete mercury, making the amount of mercury we carry in our organism more toxic.

Propylene glycol

This chemical may not affect all those using mascara, but it can cause skin irritations on those who are more sensitive to it. Propylene glycol has been linked to certain allergic reactions which appear when the skin comes into contact with the allergen. Symptoms include a red rash, itchiness, and even painful blisters.

If you have sensitive skin or you experience such reactions, visit your dermatologist for an in depth consult.

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Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A acetate)

Retinyl acetate is a rather big concern in the beauty industry. This chemical has been linked to reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity, and even cancer.

In some countries, it has been banned from cosmetic products.

Coal tar dyes

Coal tar dyes are also used as a cosmetic colorant. They can contain heavy metals and can cause allergic reactions, headaches, nausea, fatigue, nervous moods and asthma attacks.

These dyes have been proven to be carcinogenic.


When you see Butylparaben, Ethylparaben or Propylparaben, it means parabens are used in your product. They play the role of preservatives and maintain products on the store shelves for long periods of time.

Parabens have been linked to skin irritations, reproductive problems, and endocrine disruptions.

Non-toxic waterproof mascara benefits

Conventional mascara products may contain some strong chemicals. Non-toxic waterproof mascara stands on the other side of the cosmetic area. This category of products is known for being made of natural or organic ingredients and having some great benefits.

Safe for your health

We’ve mentioned above a few effects the chemicals from conventional mascara have. When it comes to non-toxic waterproof mascara, you may not need to worry about those effects (keep your guard up for potential allergies).

The ingredients used in these products are either natural or organic. They are generally plant based ingredients. This means they may not present a harm to your health in the short or long term.

No matter what product you’re using, you should always test it before starting to use it on a regular basis.

Great product quality

You may wonder whether natural products offer the same results as conventional ones, especially when speaking about makeup. Non-toxic waterproof mascara can be a great choice when speaking of beauty results as well.

It can emphasize your eyes, without causing harmful side effects. If you want to be sure you are choosing an excellent product, there are some things you can do. Online reviews can give you a pretty good idea of the product. What consumers say about it is valuable information.

Asking the sales person at the store or a beauty makeup expert is also a great action. They can offer you information about various products and compare them for you to make the best decision.

Non-Toxic Waterproof Mascara To Give Your Eyes A Healthy Beautiful Look