Non toxic beauty products such as a non toxic depilatory cream are essential for a beautiful healthy skin.

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Products from this category are a safer and healthier option, as compared to conventional beauty items.

Generally, conventional beauty products contain strong chemicals which can have some serious side effects on your skin.

Non toxic products represent a healthier alternative. They are usually made from natural or organic ingredients, which gives you an idea of how they can react to your skin.

Take a non chemical laundry detergent as an example.

Before going into any further detail regarding non toxic depilatory creams, it’s essential you have an idea of what type of chemicals are used in such products and what kind of effects they have.

Chemicals used in conventional depilatory creams

Conventional depilatory creams usually contain several chemicals. Some are meant to break the hair down, others have the role in giving the product a more pleasant smell.

Here are a few common chemicals found in depilatory creams.

Active ingredients

Active ingredients are responsible for weakening the hair and breaking it down. This is how your hair comes off easily after letting it sit for a few minutes.

A few examples of active ingredients used in depilatory creams are:

  • calcium thioglycolate
  • potassium thioglycolate
  • barium sulfide
  • strontium sulfide

The story with depilatory cream started in the 1920s. Back then, natural arsenic trisulphide was an active ingredient. Yet, this was and is a toxic chemical.

Barium and strontium sulfide were the next active ingredients used. These are still used nowadays, but it’s useful to know they are strong chemicals. They can cause skin irritations and allergies.

Calcium and potassium thioglycolate are often found in depilatory creams.

Sodium or calcium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide is used to adjust pH levels.

Sodium is the stronger chemical, while calcium acts more gently with the skin.


Parabens are preservatives found in different beauty products. They guarantee a long shelf life for these items.

A few examples of parabens used in beauty products are:

  • butylparaben
  • ethylparaben
  • methylparaben
  • propylparaben

The problem with parabens is they can cause skin irritations, endocrine disruptions, and reproductive problems.

Chemical-free products such as chemical-free eyeliner are a better option and are less likely to contain parabens.


Fragrances are the chemicals which give products their nice smell.

Yet, this nice smell is often given by synthetic chemicals, and not by natural extracts. This is the big problem with fragranced products.

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Fragrances can mimic human hormones and have been linked to endocrine disruptions.

If you want to avoid them, check for fragrance-free products and make sure the product does not contain fragrances, perfumes or phthalates in their ingredients list.

Non toxic depilatory cream benefits

Because conventional depilatory products contain many harsh chemicals and they can have some unpleasant effects on your skin, it can be hard to find a safe depilatory cream.

A non toxic depilatory cream can be the answer you are looking for.

Here are a few benefits of using such a beauty product.

It does not contain harsh chemicals

Non toxic depilatory creams usually do not contain harsh chemicals. This makes them a better alternative for your skin.

In order to be 100% sure of this aspect, check the ingredients list to see what the product contains.

What’s more, each product reacts differently depending on your skin type. Test it before you use it on larger areas.

If you have sensitive skin, learn more about skin irritation from hair removal cream.

It removes the unwanted hair

Although it does not contain strong chemicals, a non toxic depilatory cream can do a great job in removing the unwanted hair.

If you’ve never bought such a product and you are not sure what to pick, look for reviews of different non toxic depilatory creams.

It can be environmentally friendly

Using a product which contains natural or organic ingredients can be a great way to take care of the environment.

No harsh or strong chemicals go down the drain when you use a non toxic depilatory cream.

Non toxic depilatory cream products

Non Toxic Depilatory Cream To Take Care Of Your Skin