What do you think non-toxic cutlery means? You may say the attribute non-toxic refers to kitchen utensils which do not affect your health or release dangerous chemicals into your food.

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The non-toxic part comes due to the material used to manufacture the cutlery. These products are created using eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or recycled ones.

Non-toxic does not refer only to the factors that directly impact our health. It’s also about what impacts our environment in the short and long term.

Non-toxic cutlery is a great option, especially when you are in need or prefer to use disposable utensils. It’s an excellent alternative to plastic.

Speaking of plastic, if you’re still wondering what to choose between these two cutlery products, here is a short comparison between plastic and bamboo.

Non-toxic cutlery: plastic or bamboo?

Non-toxic cutlery is usually made of bamboo. You may find products made of wood (possibly recycled) or other recycled materials. Generally, these utensils are also disposable.

On the other side stand the plastic kitchen utensils. Some of them are even made of recycled material.

In order to understand the difference between the two, it’s necessary to go a little in depth.


Bamboo is known as one of the most eco-friendly materials. You see it used to manufacture different products. Plates, kitchen tools and cutlery, bowls, and the list can go on.

The final products are usually strong, so you might think they are made of wood. In fact, they’re not, as bamboo is a type of grass.

Its eco-friendly title comes from the fact that bamboo can grow on its own around 100 cm in 24 hours. It does not need special care or constant supervision.

Because it grows so fast, it can be harvested every 4-5 years. After that, it can grow back without the need of being replanted.


Plastic is a material made using petroleum or natural gas. It takes two non-renewable resources and energy consuming processes to manufacture it.

It’s one of the most used materials, meaning a lot of plastic products end up being thrown away.

It takes a few hundred of years for plastic products to decompose. During this time, they release dangerous chemicals in the environment.

These are a few chemicals found in the environment due to plastic decomposition:

  • BPA
  • PS oligomer
  • Styrene monomer
  • Styrene dimer
  • Styrene trimer
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Styrene is believed to be a human carcinogen. Imagine what happens when such compounds are released in the environment.

The flora and fauna are somehow affected. Although the effects may not be visible now, they may appear in time.

Non-toxic silverware

We’ve talked about cutlery made of bamboo and plastic.

There is another option you may want to consider: non-toxic silverware.

This falls into the fancy and a little more expensive category. Yet, if you want a more special cutlery for important events (e.g. celebrations, dinners), this can be an amazing choice.

When speaking of silverware, make sure you understand it refers to cutlery, tableware, and other household items.

They are made of sterling silver, Britannia silver, or Sheffield plate silver.

Non-toxic silverware can also be a great alternative. These items are not disposable and can be used for a long period of time. You just have to clean them and put them on the table any time you need them.

It’s great to have them both. Sometimes you just need bamboo cutlery, other times you may go for non-toxic silverware.

Benefits of using the best type of kitchen utensils

Bamboo non-toxic cutlery can make an excellent kitchen tool and using it can have some great benefits for you.


The first benefit is, obviously, the one related to its environmental impact. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material, which makes these cutlery products a smart green option.

Depending on the product you are purchasing, bamboo cutlery can also be biodegradable. This is a great attribute, especially for disposable items.

Don’t forget to check this detail on the package or product description.

Appealing design

Bamboo products have a different aspect than conventional cutlery. They have a more natural look and can be a unique choice if you’re having a party or some guests over for dinner.

Smart price

You may find bamboo non-toxic cutlery at really small prices. If you have a tight budget, they are an inexpensive green product you can try.

Other bamboo kitchen tools benefits

Besides bamboo cutlery, you can find other cooking tools made of this material. Using them can bring some great benefits.

Bamboo cooking utensils are really durable. They are light, flexible, and can resist to different cooking challenges.

Stain and odor resistant are two other characteristics of bamboo cooking tools. They do not retain smells or stains, keeping their attractive look as new.

Non-toxic cutlery products:

Non-toxic Cutlery To Have The Best Type of Kitchen Utensils In Your Home