We are all looking for products that can make our lives easier. Whether we have seen them in a TV commercial or we have randomly found them on a shelf at the supermarket, if it has ‘magical powers’, we will definitely want it. Those ‘magical powers’ refer to time saving, simple instructions to use the product and its multifunctions. However, one of the greatest powers should be the following one: protection of the environment. Eco-friendly products are the ones that actually make magic, as they are designed to protect and save the nature.

The problem of waste

One of the main reasons why people are encouraged to start using eco-friendly products relates to the high quantity of waste that they produce. According to the Eurostat report regarding Packaging Waste Statistics, in 2012, one person (from the 28 states of the European Union) generated 156.8 kg of packaging waste. Paper and cardboard were one of the most used materials.

Thinking about the products made of paper that we use, we can find several that are part of our daily routine: tissues, napkins, diapers (a part of them), kitchen towels etc. After we have used them, all these products go to the garbage bin (hopefully, a recycling one).

Instead of using so much paper, there are some alternatives that can save a great quantity of raw material. People should take into consideration the non-disposable products such as those made of cloth. They present several advantages and are in the eco-friendly category. They can be reused for a long period, as all they need is a good cleaning from time to time. Secondly, by using this alternative, people can reduce the amount of trees that are being cut. Cloth products = not buying paper products -> low request for paper -> fewer cut trees => A Greener Planet!

Here are two product recommendations that you can try.

1. Kitchen towels

Fecido Classic Kitchen Dish Towels

2. Cloth diapers

Gerber Organic Birdseye Prefold Cloth Diaper  Gerber Organic Birdseye Prefold Cloth Diaper

All in all, this is a small change that has a great and important impact on the environment. So next time you go shopping, think again when you choose your products. Your actions are more powerful than you think.

Non-disposable Products – The Solution For A Cleaner Environment
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