A non chemical laundry detergent is one of best products you can use on your clothes.


If you ever looked at the ingredients of a conventional laundry detergent, you have seen a lot of hard to read and hard to understand ingredients.

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Most of them are chemicals, some are harsh or even toxic to your skin, health and the environment as well.

The big difference between conventional products and laundry detergents without chemicals stands in the ingredients. Non chemical products do not contain dangerous ingredients, meaning they are safer for your health.

An organic baby laundry detergent can be a safer option than a conventional product.

You’re probably thinking of your current laundry detergent. It probably does a good job and it hasn’t caused you any problems so far.

Let me tell you more about these chemicals and what kind of effects they have.

Chemicals used in conventional laundry detergents

As I’ve mentioned earlier, these chemicals are hard to understand. If you don’t work in the chemical industry, it’s unlikely you know exactly what each chemical does and how it works.

I’ve done the hard work for you. Let’s take a look at some common chemicals used in laundry detergents.


1,4 dioxane is a chemical found in hair products, soaps, bath accessories.

You will not find it in the product package, but this is what you need to look for:

  • sodium laureth sulfate
  • PEG compounds
  • xynol, ceteareth, and oleth chemicals

1,4 dioxane is formed due to certain reactions that happen with the chemicals mentioned above.

The problem with this chemical is that it has been linked to cancer and birth defects.


Bleach and laundry detergents are generally two different products, but sometimes you may find it incorporated in the detergent.

Bleach can cause skin, eye and lung irritations. Now you know why you don’t like the smell of bleach?

What’s more, if it combines with wastewater, it can lead to the formation of toxic organic compounds. They have been linked to liver and kidney damage.

Bleach-free products are a healthier alternative. Take formaldehyde-free toilet paper as an example.


Phosphates are the chemicals used to make detergents efficient in hard water.

They can cause great environmental problems such as excessive algae growth. This can lead to ecosystem imbalances.


Fragrances are found in almost all laundry detergents.

Do you know that fresh smell that makes your clothes seem perfectly clean? It’s done by these chemicals.

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Fragrances, phthalates, and perfumes mean the exact same thing. Synthetic aromas used for pleasant smells.

Sometimes, this is all you will find on the product package. Companies are not obliged to say exactly what fragrance they are using. They can simply call it part of their ‘secret product recipe.’

Fragrances are endocrine disruptors, meaning they can mimic human hormones and cause disbalances in the body.

The benefits of using non chemical laundry detergent

Conventional laundry detergents are filled with different chemicals.

A great alternative to these products is a non chemical laundry detergent. Using this cleaning item can have several benefits for you.

Clean your laundry perfectly

Laundry detergents without chemicals do a great job in cleaning your laundry.

They can remove stains, do not damage the color or the material.

If you’ve never bought a non chemical laundry detergent before and don’t know how to choose one,  start with some forums. Look at what other people recommend.

Also, check the product reviews on different websites.

Take care of your health

A non chemical laundry detergent does not contain harsh ingredients. This means it does not come with many side effects and hidden dangers.

Some products are even fragrance-free. Your clothes will be clean and have a natural smell.

Note: Make sure you check the product description and the ingredients list to see you are choosing a laundry detergent without chemicals.

If you like learning about non chemical laundry detergents, you will enjoy finding out more about dishwasher safe wood cutting boards.

Contribute to protecting the environment

Your health is not the only thing put in danger because of these chemicals.

The environment has to suffer as well.

Non-chemical laundry detergents are produced to be safe for nature and to protect the wildlife.

Non chemical laundry detergent products

Non Chemical Laundry Detergent – Clean Your Clothes Healthily