When something hurts you or you have an extremely bad ache, you are tempted to go to your box of meds and see if you can find any painkiller. You do not want anything; the only thing you have in your mind is how to end the pain as quickly as possible. This is what almost all people focus on when they are not feeling well, but their actions can have serious consequences in time. Drugs are not always the best option because they treat just the effects, not the causes. Also, their effect is not permanent and after it disappears, the pain is back.

People tend to take drugs without going to the doctor to see what is wrong with them. For this reason, they can develop some serious problems such as immunity to certain meds. If they take too many drugs based just on what they believe is good for them and not on specialised advice, they can become immune and can take pills just like candy, as they will have no effect on their body. In the case of painkillers, if they become immune to one type, they start taking stronger drugs. The worst case scenario is that you become immune to the most strongest drugs and you do not have anything else to appeal to.

Unfortunately, people are taking this risk without knowing that they have alternatives. Nature offers them remedies for their pain, but there are some difference between these and drugs. First of all, they need time to make their effect because they act on the source of the problem. They can take months or sometimes years, when speaking about serious conditions, to complete their ‘job’. Secondly, they have no side effects. Natural remedies are the most safe option because they do not create any addiction.

Here are some suggestion for what you can use when you have an ache.

1. Ginger and turmeric

These two herbs have anti-inflammatory properties which can be used for conditions such as psoriasis. Also, ginger tea is very efficient for colds and flues due to its high level of Vitamin C.

2. Capsaicin

This is found in red hot chili peppers and acts as a great painkiller for migraines and headaches.

3. Cherries and cranberries

These two sweet fruits are an excellent remedy if you have problems with your urinary system. Cranberries (fruits and tea) are highly recommended for people who have kidney stones.

4. Peppermint

This natural painkiller acts efficiently in the case of toothaches, skin irritations, headaches and muscle pain.

5. Raspberries

Consumed as fresh fruits or as tincture, these are excellent painkillers for menstrual pain.

You can always count on nature to provide you with the remedies you need. It is the best pharmacy in the world because it acts on the cause of the problem and has no side effects.


Why Natural Remedies Are More Efficient Than Drugs
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