We all know the feeling when we listen to a new song  and it gives us the chills. Some simple lyrics combined with the right musical notes can make a person feel joy, happiness, even the feeling that we get when somebody listens and understands us. Music is more than a gift for the ears, it is free therapy for the soul and the mind. It can determine a person’s mood to change positively or negatively, it can represent a source of inspiration during work or an element that can make someone relax.

Benefits of listening to music

Therefore, we can see that music has to do with mood changing. It is curious and interesting that apparently such a simple thing can have such great effects. Furthermore, this mood changing differs from one person to another. For example, a man can feel very confident of himself while listening to a hip hop song, while a woman can be extremely amused. Here, we are talking about tastes and preferences that are influenced and shaped due to our social environment, family, friends, school, workplace etc.  Moreover, some claim that our tastes are shaped while we are still unborn and after our birth. Thus, what we hear from our mothers (the music they listen to and the songs they sing) has an important impact on our future musical preferences.

Music is also a crucial element for creating a certain atmosphere. The piano sound is perfect for a romantic dinner, while ambient music goes with a relaxing Friday evening. This is why it is important to choose the best pieces that will match the atmosphere you want to create for you and other people.

Music has become a part of our daily lives. We take it with us at our workplaces, we go shopping with it and we are always welcomed by it when we arrive home. It is pleasure and a good medicine at the same time.    

Music – Free Therapy For The Mind And The Soul
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