How much do long life energy saving light bulbs last?

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Long life means a long period of time, but it would be nice for these products to come with a more specific number.

Let’s take LED bulbs for example. These types of light bulbs can last even 2-3 years. The period depends on the product and the power it has.

These light bulbs have a long life and can save you precious energy. Maybe you haven’t noticed that traditional incandescent light bulbs consume way more energy and this translates into bigger costs for you.

These expenses may be harder to see. It’s not like receiving a high electricity bill out of the blue. They gather gradually and you slowly pay for them.

You may want to look for what light bulbs save the most energy.

Let me compare different types of light bulbs to help you understand the bigger picture.

What are the best energy saving light bulbs for home?

There are 4 big types of light bulbs:

  • incandescent
  • LED
  • compact fluorescent lamps
  • halogen lamp

I will take each of them and briefly analyze them.

Incandescent light bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are the classic type of light bulbs you are used to. They can be found in many stores at low prices.

The problem with these products is that they are not very efficient.

They last around 1200 hours, which means approximately 50 days. Every two months, you will have to change your light bulbs.

More than 95% of the power used by an incandescent light bulb is converted to heat and not to visible light.

They are not a very eco-friendly option, as incandescent light bulbs contribute to greenhouse emissions.

LED bulbs

LEDs are part of the long life energy saving light bulbs category.

Let me tell you this. A LED bulb can last 25000 hours. This is almost 3 years.

There are LED bulbs which last even more.

Besides lasting a long period of time, these bulbs consume up to 80% less than other light systems.

This is a great combination of energy efficiency and low costs.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are another type of light bulb from the long life energy saving light bulbs category.

They can last up to 8000 hours, which is almost a year. They can use up to 75% less than other lighting systems.

CFLs have been criticized for the fact that they contain mercury, a highly dangerous chemical element.

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Halogen lamps

Halogen lamps can use up to 30% less energy than an incandescent light bulb.

They may not last as much as a LED or a CFL, but they are a more efficient and eco-friendly option than an incandescent light bulb.

Long life energy saving light bulbs benefits

You’ve seen which products are part of the long life energy saving light bulbs category.

These items are designed to be efficient in terms of energy use and costs.

Choosing them can offer you some great benefits.

Use energy more efficiently

Now that you know how different light bulbs are and how they consume your energy, you may want to go for the ones which use the most efficiently.

Long life energy saving light bulbs do not waste the energy. A great percentage of their energy consumption is converted to visible light rather than heat (remember the incandescent light bulb example).

Reduce your electricity costs

Using energy efficiently can reduce your costs considerably.

This translates into lower energy bills and other expenses.

You may say that long life energy saving light bulbs are expensive. Indeed, if we compare them with incandescent light bulbs, we will notice a big price difference.

The question is how do you prefer to spend your money? Pay more money in time or spend a higher amount of money once and then gradually reduce your costs for a longer period of time?

Contribute to protecting the environment

These light bulbs use less energy and last much longer. They contribute to decreasing greenhouse emissions and thus, to the causes of climate change and global warming.

Used light bulbs need to be disposed of correctly. Recycling them is a crucial aspect of taking care of the environment.

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Long life energy saving light bulbs products

Long Life Energy Saving Light Bulbs – Use Your Energy Efficiently