Do you know why a large wooden cutting board with handle is mandatory in your kitchen?


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Just think about it.

A few times a week, you cook some meals. Rarely this does not involve cutting some vegetables, some meat or other ingredients.

It’s hard to cut on plates and you really don’t want to cut directly on the table. These items can get damaged and offer poor surfaces to cut on.

If you like using eco-friendly disposable bamboo plates, they are not even an option.

A large wooden cutting board with handle solves this problem in no time. It gives you all the space you need, it’s strong and resistant.

You have seen that nowadays you have many options for cutting boards. They are made of different materials, have various shapes and sizes.

How do you pick the right one?

I  may not know what the right product means specifically to you, but I know what a quality resistant item is.

Large wooden cutting board with handle characteristics

In order to choose a quality product, you should pay attention to a few characteristics.

They are made of bamboo and other resistant types of wood

You may know cutting boards are made of wood, but have you ever wondered what type is used to manufacture these products?

Walnut, maple, and oak are a few examples.

You may have heard that bamboo is also used in producing cutting boards.

The difference between bamboo and the other materials is that they are wood and bamboo is grass.

You may now compare the two options and think that bamboo can hardly compete with those woods. Well, things are quite more different than you expect.

Bamboo is one of the most resistant materials used for manufacturing cutting boards. In fact, it can even surpass other materials.

When cutting hard foods with a knife, you apply great pressure on the large wooden cutting board with handle. This often leads to the formation of small holes.

These are the places where bacteria like to hide.

Bamboo cutting boards can resist this pressure. With few to no holes, it’s a great way of taking care of your health.

Having a large wooden cutting board with a handle will make it easier for you to use it.

You can easily move it around the kitchen without dropping it.

Do not contain dangerous harsh chemicals

Cutting boards are made of different materials, including plastic and silicone. They can contain chemicals which are dangerous for your health.

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DEHP and BPA (Bisphenol A) are two examples of such chemicals found in plastic products.

Wood and bamboo are safer options. You can choose from natural and organic products.

If you want a chemical-free cutting board, an organic bamboo cutting board formaldehyde-free can be a wonderful option.

How to take care of a large wooden cutting board with handle

To make your large wooden cutting board with handle last and resist to all your challenges, here are a few rules recommended for you to follow.

Use separate cutting boards for different purposes

You use a cutting board to cut meat, vegetables, fruits, sweets, and so many more.

You probably know that certain food leave smells on the board. Onions, garlic, and raw meat are a few examples.

If you don’t want to eat fresh fruit with onion flavor, try and separate your cutting boards.

One you use for cutting fresh food and another one is for onions and garlic.

Wash it in the dishwasher only when necessary

If you want to wash the cutting board in the dishwashing machine, go for a dishwasher safe wood cutting board.

Simple large wooden cutting boards with handle should be washed in the dishwasher only when necessary. You are running out of time and can’t afford to do the dishes yourself.

Large wooden cutting board with handle products

Large Wooden Cutting Board With Handle – Essential For Your Everyday Cooking