This is a problem that all people know and have to deal with it. Some face it everyday, while others confront with it once a year. It is something we would all want to get rid of, but it is impossible. We are talking about insects, of course. Some are inoffensive, while others are actually deadly. Fortunately, most of us deal with bugs that are not extremely dangerous, but still represent a risk.

The worst case scenario is finding them in your home. This is what all people fear and they do everything they can to prevent this situation from happening. However, sometimes, it happens and they have to get rid of them. How can they do that? Most of them would go to the closest store and buy what insect killer they can find, not taking into consideration that there may be consequences. Pesticides contain many chemicals that can affect humans and pets. For example, buying an unknown solution for apartment bugs caused my husband and I an awful allergy on our skin that did not go away until we moved. The list of reactions is vast: skin irritations, breathing problems, psychological effects (the insecure feeling your house gives you).

In these situations, you can choose to use organic insecticides, eco-friendly insect killers and natural oils and herbs. We will present you a short list of recommendations of what you can use.

1. Insecticides

mantis botanical insecticide insect-killerMantis non-GMO insecticide      Mantis botanical insecticide

These are the most used products people look for when they are dealing with this problem. It is very important to choose a natural one to avoid having any side effects. The product from Mantis is eco-friendly, efficient and can be used in any environment: outdoors, indoors, gardens. It has a fast effect and it does not affect humans and animals.

2. Electronic tools

Aspectek electronic insect killer Aspectek electronic indoor insect killer

If you do not trust any substance or spray, you can look for electronic tools that are designed to help you get rid of your unwanted guests. The electronic mosquito killer will be a great help because you do not need to use any chemical. It will attract mosquitoes easily and you will just have to clean them away.

3. Nature’s solutions

Nature will always have a few solutions for any problem. Insects cannot stand strong smells such as the smell of lavender. Therefore, you can use lavender herbs or oil, spread it in the ‘attacked’ area and they will stay away. Moreover, there are very few chances to find insects and bugs in a clean space.

Insects are part of nature, so their disappearance would  cause the loss of balance in the world. For this reason, we need to learn what they do not like, how we can keep them away and how we can get rid of them in the most eco-friendly way possible.

How To Get Rid Of The Unwanted Guests From Your Home
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