The answer to this question can provide several situations, but we are going to approach the one that people tend to forget. Most of the cars from the entire world need petrol or diesel to work. This is not something new. Another fact is that they produce fumes, which are dangerous for the people’s health and for the environment. This is the ‘silent’ way in which cars attack and the effects can be really harmful.

Looking at how people are affected, the first and most visible thing that comes into discussion are the breathing problems.  Asthma, lung diseases, heart attacks are a few of the issues people confront with. Due to the great number of cars, they are continuously affected by the fumes and have to take treatments for a long period of time. In some extreme cases, people choose to move in places where there are very few or no cars in order to protect their health. The countryside, for example.

The environment has to suffer as well. The air is polluted, which means animals can also develop respiratory problems. Moreover, the plants grow in a polluted air, which means they suffer because of these conditions.

Eco-friendly means of trasportation

It is hard to change the entire world, but it is not hard to change you and your lifestyle, especially when your and others’ health depends on your decisions. Companies are creating green cars, which are more eco-friendly and need another kind of fuel to work: electricity. They need to be recharged just as your phone does and they can take you to your destination. Depending on the model, cars can go for 100-125 miles on a single charge. Some can reach 200 miles, but then, we will be talking about the expensive ones. However, people can find some models of electric cars at 8000€-12000€, prices at which they can buy cars that need diesel or petrol. Therefore, people do not need to make huge sacrifices to have one.

If you do not like or do not want a car, you can think about an electric bike. It functions the same as the electric car when it comes to fuel: it just needs charging. Nevertheless, you cannot travel on long distances with it, but it can be a good choice for taking a ride in the city.

Jetson eco-friendly electric bike

These means of transport are a great discovery because they do not pollute. They do not produce fumes, are eco-friendly and protect the health of the people. Also, if you do not want to use any of our suggestions, you can still ride your bike or take a nice walk.

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