Energy is what keeps everything going, whether we are talking about people or electronics. Obviously, there is a difference between what we need and what the TV needs in order to function everyday. Because we need and use it everyday, we are dependent on it and we should make sure that we will have it for a very long period of time. In fact, we should concentrate on how we produce energy and what we use because, if the the process consumes all the resources quickly, we will be left with the memory of energy.

Renewable and non-renewable energy

First of all, we must understand a few things about energy. There are types of energy: renewable and non-renewable. When we speak about renewable energy, we refer to the one obtained from natural sources that can be reused: sun, wind, geothermal and tides, while, non-renewable refers to natural sources that cannot be regenerated after they are  used: fossil fuels, natural gas, oil and coal. The next aspect is understanding what are the most used sources by people in the entire world. The non-renewable sources are the right answer, and although, the renewable would have made a great answer, there are some reasons that explain why it did not make it.

To begin with, non-renewable sources are cheap and easy to use, especially when speaking about converting one type of energy into another. Secondly, they can be easily transported from one country to another. Think about petroleum and how it can be transported through pipes. Also, they are available in many areas around the world and can be used anytime, not depending on the environment or the weather. On the other hand, the great problem is that these sources will end someday, leaving us with 0 energy. They produce gases that are toxic and are an important cause for global warming.

Looking at the renewable sources, the advantages are crystal clear. We do not need to worry that they will end because they do not have a limit. Furthermore, they produce low carbon emissions and no toxic gases, which shows that they do not pollute and are environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, they still have some disadvantages. The location is important when it comes to sun and wind power, for example. Solar panels function during the daytime and not during the night or the rainy season. In addition, it is difficult to produce the same quantity of energy non-renewable sources produce.

To sum up, there are pros and cons on both sides. However, how much can the environment support our needs and provide us the resources we need to produce energy? Not very much, taking into consideration that these non-renewable sources contribute to the pollution of nature. Although it is difficult and takes time to adapt to them, renewable sources are the only solution for long-term energy. They are promoted worldwide and people are encouraged to start using them.

Regarding the costs, there are different programes and funds that support the expenses and sponsor people who want to buy special equipment. The effects can be seen in time. Instead of a dull planet where people are struggling with the last resources, we can create a place where people live in harmony with nature and use the unlimited gifts from the environment.

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