It’s been said that the working environment is everything. If you don’t like the place you work, it’s very likely you will reflect it in what you do. There are several aspects we can refer to here: the air temperature, the cleaning processes, the smell of the office. Other details such as the position of the workplace, colleagues, office colors are rather hard to change factors. Let’s focus more on the office cleaning processes.

As a business manager, you need to take care of different elements to ensure a healthy and pleasant environment for your employees. Cleaning is one important aspect, but it means more than just assuring that the place is not dirty. How you clean it and what products you use are crucial points which can’t be neglected.

Impact on the environment and on people

Cleaning products are known for containing dangerous chemicals which can harm the environment and people’s health. Just think of the solutions you use to clean the office floors. All of that is thrown away in the toilet and ends up in our waters, affecting the aquatic animals and vegetation. And that just from cleaning the floor. Imagine what the other products do to the environment.

Each year in the USA, 6,2 billion pounds of chemicals are used to clean commercial buildings. Imagine that all of these end up in the water, soils and air. With companies developing at a fast pace and new ones appearing every year, it’s clear that the demand for cleaning products can increase considerably.

Using such products puts us in danger as well. Let’s look at a few ingredients found in cleaning products to understand the situation better.

  • Perchloroethylene (Perc)
    It’s found in dry-cleaning solutions, products used for removing spots and cleaning carpets. It’s considered a possible carcinogen and when we say this, we do not only think of people. Animals can also be affected of this chemical.
  • 2-Butoxyethanol
    This one is found in products used for cleaning windows, kitchens and different other objects. When inhaled, it can cause sore throats, damage kidneys and liver.
  • Ammonia
    Found in glass cleaners, it’s a strong irritant.┬áIt can greatly affect those suffering from asthma, lung and breathing problems.

The alternative of green office cleaning products

Fortunately, there is a green alternative to almost anything. Green office cleaning products are a great option for you. They come with a great set of benefits and not just for the environment, but also for you and your business.

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Eco-friendly office cleaning products contain ingredients which are safe, not toxic and biodegradable. In other words, they are created to do the same job as traditional cleaners without affecting the environment.

What’s also important about them is packaging. Usually, normal cleaning products have packages made from plastic, another damaging material. Green products packages are made using sustainable manufacturing processes, usually from recycled materials.

Green cleaning products can bring great benefits for your employees.

No risk for health problems

We’ve seen that normal cleaning products contain ingredients which can cause health problems. Switching from those to the green ones can prevent such episodes from happening.

Maybe some of your employees have breathing problems, asthma or don’t have a strong immune system. Using eco-friendly office cleaning products can help you create a safe, clean and healthy environment for them.

Also, for those who have problems with allergies, green cleaning products are the solution they’ve been waiting for.

Make your employees feel just like home

Maybe some of your employees are already using green cleaning products in their homes. Knowing that their office is cleaned the same way their home is can make them feel safe and come with pleasure to work. This translates for you in efficient employees, high-quality work and successful business.

Improved air quality

Normal air fresheners contain strong aromas. They can become really disturbing, especially for those who have breathing problems. Green office cleaning products have a more delicate natural scent, which can be really pleasant for your employees.

Studies have shown that improved air quality can increase productivity with up to 11% and poor air quality can decrease it with almost 10%.

Safe surrounding objects

You may have certain objects in your office such as plants or maybe an aquarium. Using green products will help you protect them and keep them healthy and beautiful. It’s a great way of taking care of how your office looks and creating a nice working environment.

We’ve prepared some suggestions of eco-friendly office cleaning products for you to choose from.

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Green Office Cleaning Products – The Solution For Your Business And The Environment