The ‘green’ sign refers to the environmentally friendly methods used to create products. Their aim is to use use the minimum quantity of natural resources and not to pollute nature with gases and other types of waste. In this case, the furniture is made of solid wood, which is not treated with chemicals and substances that can represent a risk for people’s health. Furthermore, wood furniture is something that can last for years and years, so you do not need to think about replacing it.

Nevertheless, if you want to throw something away, you should think about recycling it or giving it to a fabric that reuses wood. It is important not to waste such material because producing new one leads to sacrificing trees and contributes to deforestation.

Forests cover 30% of the surface of Earth and represent our source of oxygen. Cutting them down destroys the natural habitat of different species and helps the level of pollution to rise. In 2013, only in Brazil 29% of the Amazon rainforest was cut down, according to BBC.
We have a made a list of products you can choose to change the design of your home.

1.Eco-friendly bed



2.Hanging Clothes Storage

Hanging Clothes Storage

3.Eco-friendly entryway organizer

Space-Saving Entryway Organizer


4.Cardboard drawer

Eco-friendly File Drawer



5.Cardboard desk



Transforming your home into an eco-friendly one will require some sacrifices. Not all the products that have the ‘green sign’ have the design you have been dreaming of, but this should not stop you from getting what you want. Reorganize, play with items and colors, look for materials and try create furniture with your own hands. You are the master of your home and you can transform it in whatever you like. Nature offers you everything that you need, so there is no obstacle. As long as you respect it, nature can be your best ally. What do you think?



Green Furniture Is What Your Home Really Needs
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