Choosing the best dog bed may seem like a simple job, but it can be really complicated. These beds come in different shapes and sizes and are made of various materials. And there is a good reason for that, but we will discuss this aspect later.

What you may not have known is that you can get the best bed for your dog and still be eco-friendly. You can do this by choosing a green dog bed. These products are created to offer your pet a good sleep while still being environmentally conscious.

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You may wonder what and if there is any difference between regular and eco-friendly dog beds. Yes, it is and we will explain it in order to understand it better.

Regular vs Green dog beds

When speaking about their composition, we refer to the materials they are made of (the exterior part and the filling). Regular dog beds are usually made of different materials such as:

The big deal about some of these materials (the first two ones for example) is how and from what they are made of. For instance, memory foam is made using harsh chemicals such as petroleum.

This liquid impacts the environment and our health as well. Petroleum contributes to air and water pollution and climate change. Also, petroleum-based memory foam has been linked to itchy eyes and respiratory problems.

These side effects can appear to animals, not only humans. You need to pay attention to how your dog reacts to these factors.

Green dog beds use different materials. Generally, we can see they are made of recycled or organic materials (organic cotton, for example). If you want to go for the second type of dog bed, make sure the products are certified as organic. Check the company as well so as to be 100% sure.

In what concerns the green dog beds made of recycled materials, they can be made of recycled plastic bottles. In order to make a bed, between 70 and 120 plastic bottles are used in this process. As plastic pollution is a big problem in the world, recycling and using them in a new way can contribute to creating a healthier environment.

Other aspects to pay attention to when choosing a green dog bed

We’ve mentioned earlier that dog beds, in general, come in different shapes and sizes. While this may not seem a crucial detail, it is in fact.

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The shapes and sizes are designed in order to suit different types of dogs. Some have long hair, others have short hair. Some breeds are more cold-natured, while can hardly stand high temperatures.

Although you will have to make sure the bed suits your dog’s size and breed, here are a few guidelines to help you pick the right product.

Nest dog beds are a good choice for small and medium-sized dogs. They have a round or oval shape and are stuffed with a lot of filling. What’s more, if you have a cold natured dog or with really short hair these type of beds can make your pet feel warm. Some products even come with an extra layer above and allow your dog to cover with it.

Larger breeds need more space to feel comfortable. Crib mattresses are an option you can take into consideration. They offer your pet plenty of space.

If you have a dog with lots of hair or which can hardly support the heat, you should take a look at cot style beds. These products are similar to a normal bed, except for the mattress part which is replaced by a material which supports the dog. The great part of these bed types is that they allow air circulation and they also make excellent outdoor dog beds.

Green dog beds product recommendations

Green Dog Bed To Make Your Dog Comfortable And Protect The Environment