We are constantly looking for methods to create a better environment for us to live in. Saving resources, going for the eco-friendly alternatives, not wasting materials and products, all of these are ways through which people try to protect the planet and make it a safer place for them and their children. The first and best place where you can start approaching the ‘save and protect the environment’ methods is your home and here, we are not referring to education or information searching, but to the place itself. Living in a green home that was eco-friendly designed is a great step to living in harmony with nature.

Green building characteristics

One of the most important characteristics of green buildings is that they are created in an eco-friendly way from the bottom to the top: design, construction, maintenance, renovation and demolition. Their main objectives are:

  • efficient use of resources (energy, water etc.)
  • protecting the health of the residents
  • protecting the environment by reducing waste and pollution

Another relevant aspect relates to the energy use. These buildings are oriented to using eco-friendly methods that can save energy. Thus, they are choosing the renewable energy sources. Solar panels are used for providing heat and hot water. Moreover, the passive solar building design (window orientation towards light, planting trees to provide shade during summertime) is a technique adopted in the case of these constructions. Water consumption is also minimized by using ultra-low flush toilets and low-flow shower heads, by designing for dual plumbing that recycles water (in toilet flushing, using water for washing cars). Recycling is a must if you want to live in such a building.

When speaking about the money, they can be situated in the expensive zone. However, the price is justified. Although people pay a great amount of money when they purchase such a home, the utility expenses are lower than in any regular house due to the green design and technologies meant to protect the environment.

Green buildings are a long-term investment. Having a recipe that is 100% in accordance with the rules and needs of the environment, they are a safe place in which you can live with your family.

Green Building – Today’s Solution For A Better Tomorrow
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