When thinking of dangerous products, toilet paper may one of the last ones which come into your mind. Or maybe, you don’t think of it at all. What you may not know is that conventional toilet paper can be filled with chemicals.

When we go to buy toilet paper, we may look for the whitest one and the product which also has a pleasant smell. These products are often filled with chemicals to make them look attractive and smell nice.


Some ingredients may cause allergies, while others have been named carcinogens. Formaldehyde is one of them. A hard to read and spell name, but really important when taking care of your health. One of the solutions for taking care of ourselves is to go for formaldehyde free toilet paper. 

Chemical-free products are a safe and healthy alternative. They may not cause any side effects and can prevent you from developing certain health issues.

Before we go into any further detail, it’s essential to understand some basic information about the chemicals used in toilet paper products. Let’s take a look at a few of them and what effects they have.

Chemicals used in toilet paper

Toilet paper goes through a great process to look the way it does when it reaches store shelves. This includes several chemicals.


Chlorine is one of the most common chemicals used in the production of toilet paper. It’s used to bleach the product and give it that clean white we know. The entire process leads to the release (in the air and the environment) of chemicals which can cause cancer.

What’s more, people who work in the industry are constantly exposed to these chemicals. This exposure can lead to great health problems such as decrease of fertility, birth defects, and even cancer.

Chlorine is used to bleach not only toilet paper, but also paper, cloth, and coffee paper filters.


Formaldehyde is another chemical used in toilet paper. Its role stands in increasing the product’s resistance to wetness and other characteristics. When you see strong, heavy shiny paper, you are most likely looking at a product which contains formaldehyde. Thin, dull and fragile paper may stand in the formaldehyde free area.

This chemical is linked to irritations and is considered a factor which causes cancer.

BPA (Bisphenol A)

BPA is widely found in recycled toilet paper, as it is a chemical obtained during the recycling process. The problem with BPA is that it can cause hormone disruptions.

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Yet, this depends on the amount of BPA you are exposed to.

Formaldehyde free toilet paper benefits

Going for chemical-free and formaldehyde free toilet paper can be a smart choice for your health and the environment. It can bring you different benefits.

Safe for your health

After we’ve talked about the chemicals from toilet paper and the effects they have, we understand the benefits of using a chemical-free product. You don’t need to worry about side effects in the short or long term.

Using formaldehyde free toilet paper can be a great way to protect your health.

Chemical-free toilet paper for no worries

A chemical-free toilet paper means you will not need to worry about chlorine or bleach.

This type of product is usually chlorine-free and bleach-free. Buying and using toilet paper without chemicals is a way of taking care of your health and the environment.

Make sure you double check the product before you purchase it.

Maintain a clean environment

When speaking of products which require chemicals in their production, we also need to think about the process in which these ingredients are being used. Using chemicals may lead to the release of dangerous substances in the entire environment (air, soil, and water).

These substances affect not only our health, but also plants and animals. They are exposed to dangerous chemicals which can cause them to get sick.

Formaldehyde free toilet paper may not use or contain chemicals, meaning they may not harm your and the environment’s health.

Toilet paper without Formaldehyde

Our recommendation when going to buy toilet paper without formaldehyde (or any chemical-free toilet paper) is to pay very much attention to the product presentation and description. Make sure the item is safe and does not contain any dangerous chemicals.

Besides looking at the product, check for some reviews to see what other customers say.

Formaldehyde Free Toilet Paper To Make Your Bathroom Healthy And Safe