Do you know the ingredients used to make your nail polishes?

Unless you are really interested in the topic, you work in the field or you just know the answer, it’s kind of hard to guess.

Because there are two main categories of nail polishes, the ingredients differ depending on the product type we are looking at.

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There are conventional and chemical-free nail polishes. This means the first can contain chemicals, while the second eliminates them and focuses on more natural nail polishes.

Take formaldehyde-free nail polish products as an example. This category of beauty items lacks at least one chemical.

Why should you avoid nail polishes with chemicals? These ingredients may cause allergic reactions, irritations, and even more serious health problems.

Paying attention to what you put on your nails is as important as any other action from your everyday life. It’s like choosing the best non-toxic kitchen utensils for a family dinner.

Going for a formaldehyde-free nail polish can have some great benefits for you.

Benefits of using formaldehyde-free nail polish

No harsh chemicals on your nails

You may not know it, you may not feel it, but when you apply conventional nail polish, you are exposed to different chemicals.

If you are allergic to one or more of them, reactions will appear in short time.

If not, you may experience certain reactions later. Or maybe absolutely nothing will happen.

Your body can react differently when exposed to these ingredients.

Yet, this exposure may put your health at risk.

Avoiding these products and going for formaldehyde-free nail polish products can be a healthier alternative.

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A wide variety of products

You may be thinking conventional polish products have a wider variety of beauty items.

Chemical-free nail polishes have become really popular. Formaldehyde-free nail polish products are just one example.

This means you can find a wide variety of them in terms of color and base (e.g. water-based nail polish).

Nail polish chemicals to avoid


Where does formaldehyde come from?

Formaldehyde is a chemical used in household products and building materials. To give you a few examples:

  • glues and adhesives
  • wood products
  • paper coating products
  • pesticides and fertilizers

This chemical can be found in living organisms as well. It is produced during normal metabolic processes.

Formaldehyde has no color, is flammable, and has a strong smell.

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Why should formaldehyde be avoided? 

We may be exposed to this chemical through the air. Products which contain formaldehyde release gases and vapors in the indoor and outdoor air.

In this case, the quantities are usually small.

People who work in production factories and manufacturing industries may be exposed to larger formaldehyde quantities. These places may pose a greater risk.

Constant exposure to high formaldehyde levels may cause:

  • coughing
  • burning sensations in the throat, eyes, and nose area
  • nausea
  • irritations of the skin

These reactions may appear or not. As I’ve said earlier, these effects depend on one’s body and sensitivity.

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Toluene is the chemical which creates that smooth application.

You may recognize it when opening a nail polish or a nail polish remover. It has a sweet smell.

Toluene releases some toxic fumes which are not ideal for your health. They have been linked to:

  • nausea
  • impaired breathing
  • neurological damage


Do you like that beautiful shine your nails get after you do them with nail polish?

It’s the result of camphor, another common chemical used in the production of nail polishes.

Compared to previously mentioned chemicals, this is not as dangerous. It may cause allergic reactions, irritations, headaches, and dizziness.

Formaldehyde-free nail polish products

Formaldehyde-Free Nail Polish – Beautiful Colors Without Chemicals