Have you ever heard of an enamel building toothpaste? 

Our teeth are exposed to a lot of things: foods, drinks, sodas, sweets, bacteria. All of these contribute to enamel losing its minerals. It happens in time and it can react differently from one person to another.

Enamel Building Toothpaste Products

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People usually deal with enamel demineralization at some point in their life. The degree of this problem also varies from one case to another.

Toothpaste products, not even enamel building toothpaste, may not be able to solve severe problems, but they may contribute to the amelioration of them.

The enamel has the ability to remineralize with the help of the saliva, but it may need some additional help from external factors. Here is when the enamel building toothpaste comes into the discussion.

Enamel building toothpaste usually contains minerals that are beneficial for the enamel. They help it strengthen and restore some of its missing pieces.

This type of product is quite similar to the glycolic body wash. Glycolic acid is a beneficial ingredient for the skin and helps at maintaining it healthy.

Going for an enamel building toothpaste can be quite beneficial for you.

Enamel building toothpaste benefits

Helps in the enamel remineralization process

The tooth enamel contains different minerals such as calcium and phosphate.

In time and during several factors, the enamel starts losing these minerals. In fact, this happens every day but in really small quantities.

The saliva contains these minerals and by coming in contact with the teeth, it restores some of them.

Having a toothpaste which also helps you in this process can be really useful. Additional minerals which can be found in enamel building toothpaste products can contribute to a healthy mineralized enamel.

What you may want to be careful is the fluoride in the product. While fluoride can be beneficial for teeth’s health, too much may have some side effects. If you’re interested in this topic, check out SLS-free toothpaste with fluoride.

Keeps your teeth clean

An enamel building toothpaste can be great for your enamel and for your oral hygiene.

These products are created to help you maintain a healthy enamel and clean teeth. They can do a pretty good job.

If you’re not sure how to pick your product, you can ask your dentist for some recommendations. Looking at online reviews can also help you have a more clear idea of a product’s performance.

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The demineralization and remineralization of the tooth enamel

The composition of the tooth enamel mostly consists of calcium and phosphate, two important minerals. In one single day, you lose and you gain these minerals back.

The process of losing them is called demineralization and the opposite one is remineralization. 

Demineralization is due to different bacteria, the foods we eat (especially acid or sugary ones), the drinks we consume, and maybe oral hygiene gaps.

This process weakens the tooth enamel in time, increasing the chances of cavities and teeth sensitivity. Demineralization can also lead to white spots appearing on the teeth.

Tooth enamel damage usually appears under two forms:

  • abrasion
  • erosion

Abrasion appears when something rather hard is rubbed against the teeth. Think of a very strong toothbrush that does more harm than good.

Erosion appears when the enamel comes in contact with acids from products we consume and toxins released by the plaque bacteria.

When speaking of enamel building toothpaste, think of products that strengthen the weakened enamel and prevent future enamel loss.

Rebuilding enamel is something that can hardly be done.

If you’re interested in this topic, check out whiteheads on chin removal.

Tips to help you take care of your enamel

Using an enamel building toothpaste products can help you take care of your enamel.

Here are tips to help you maintain a strong tooth enamel.

Pay attention to sugary foods and drinks

Many people enjoy a good piece of candy every once in a while. The key to consuming them is paying attention to their quantity and frequency.

Sugary foods and drinks are high in acids which affect the enamel. They can weaken it and contribute to it wearing down in time.

Brush your teeth gently

As I’ve mentioned earlier, brushing your teeth too hard and with a strong toothbrush can cause enamel abrasion.

Try and go for a soft toothbrush and do not apply very much pressure on your teeth.

Keep yourself hydrated

Saliva plays a crucial role in the remineralization process. This is why you don’t want your mouth to go dry.

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated all the time.

If you’re going through some really hot periods or you workout regularly, add some more water in your daily dose.

Visit your dentist regularly

Your dentist is the best person to tell you if you a have a certain teeth problem.

Visiting your dentist regularly helps you prevent these issues and maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

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If you’re interested in this topic, check out cruelty-free drugstore moisturizer.

Enamel building toothpaste products

Enamel Building Toothpaste – How It Can Help You Have Stronger Healthier Teeth