Organizing your coats in the closet seems to be a big problem? There are two options in such a situation. You can either get rid of some coats or find the right eco-friendly coat hangers to do the job.

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Hangers can be made of different materials. You can find plastic, wood or even silicone items. Each of them is designed to keep your coats hanging beautifully and to prevent them from slipping.

The material is probably the first thing you look at when buying coat hangers. It’s also the first element we pay attention to, but we may be looking at it from a different perspective.

We’re interested in the eco-friendliness of the material. The environmental impact it has when we buy it and when we throw it away are crucial elements which can influence our purchasing decision.

So, in the end, which coat hangers are eco-friendly? In order to answer this question, we need to talk a little about the materials these products are made of.

What’s the best material for coat hangers?

We’ve seen coat hangers made of:

  • plastic
  • silicone
  • wood or bamboo

We will discuss each and expose the differences between them.


Plastic coat hangers are made of a petroleum-based material. If you’re wondering what this means, let me break it up for you.

Petroleum is a non-renewable natural resource, which requires time and energy consuming processes to be extracted and processed. These actions have a great impact on the environment.

After the plastic product has fulfilled its duty, it is thrown away or sent to be recycled. In the first case, the plastic ends up in the environment where it decomposes, releasing dangerous and possibly toxic chemicals.


Silicone is a material obtained from silicon, oxygen, and other elements.

Don’t confuse it with silicon! This is the substance used in the production of the material and other things such as glass, bricks, and concrete.

If we were to compare plastic and silicone in terms of eco-friendliness, the second material would win. Yet, its position in the eco-friendly top is relative due to the silicone producing processes and the hydrocarbons (which may be petroleum based) used to make silicone.

Wood or bamboo

This category includes both wood and bamboo hangers. The difference between the two materials is that the first is wood, while the second is a type of grass.

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Both materials are more eco-friendly than the other ones mentioned above.

If we have to choose our number one, bamboo would definitely be on top of the list.

Benefits of using eco-friendly coat hangers

We will refer more to the bamboo coat hangers, as they were our choice as eco-friendly coat hangers.

These clothes organizing products have some great benefits.


Although you may think of bamboo as a type of grass, it is really resistant. It may support the weight of winter coats and jackets.

If you’re not sure about what to buy, look for the reviews of different bamboo coat hangers. Consumers usually say if the product does its job or if it’s not worth it.

Environmentally friendly

Bamboo coat hangers are eco-friendly, meaning they cause little to no harm to the environment. They are made of a green material, which grows on its own around 100 cm in 24 hours.

When they need to be replaced, they can be easily recycled.

Beautiful design

Bamboo products have a beautiful look which goes with different interior designs. It can be a great way to organize your closet.

How to prevent coats from falling from hangers

This is a tip which works for any coat hanger you are using and you need only one household item to help you.

Before putting your coats on the hangers, place one or two elastics on each edge. The rubber will prevent coats from slipping and continuously falling.

You can use this technique to hang other clothes as well. It’s extremely useful for clothing items made of slippery materials.

Eco-friendly coat hangers products

Eco-friendly Coat Hangers To Organize Your Closet In A Green Way